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STILL THE KING OF FALL DAMAGE (Learning Rainbow Six Siege – Funny Moments)

this crown is heavy

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Edited by spooked
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Thumbnails by Naeqo
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Intro/Outro Song
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  1. My favorite siege content is marleys and myth. and im genuinely seeing improvement in myth keep up the work

  2. Bro what do you mean suck you did 10 kills thats good man

  3. Can you do myth does ranked

  4. Looks like he main Alibi and and I don’t have an alibi that I didn’t sleep for a whole day 😏 😂

  5. what do you use to edit your videos myth

  6. Ur actually really good at seige

  7. Is it just me, or does almost every R6 video end with Myth going to the bathroom?

  8. Ngl I thought this was gonna be a fall guys vid

  9. Myth is way better off playing rainbow than fortnite

  10. he can’t escape from fall damage

  11. I'm soo happy that you like r6 this is my favorite game keep up the good work you will get really good at this game

  12. Your ass at rainbow you play with coppers

  13. I love the siege content so much

  14. I miss when u did fortnite good old days

  15. Sub for siege content
    I'm hoping to hit 100 subs by the end of this week
    Help me out
    You sub to me i sub to you

  16. Can u tell us what happend to ham and dae

  17. Is Myth using 4:3 or native i cannot tell the difference

  18. Just me that screams call outs at myth😭

  19. Myth is really improving at it proud of you mythical

  20. Enjoying watching you get better every video

  21. Stop sprinting so much relax hearing audio in this game is important

  22. Myth your the TimtheTatMan of R6

  23. I love how he sits on defused instead of jumping outside. One day this beauty will be no more and myth will be a respectable r6 player

  24. There is still a lot of gadgets and game sense that myth needs to learn and that’s why I love watching him learn all of these basics

  25. I love watching myth and thinking that I’ve played since white noise and he has so much faster progress then I did. I’m also on console soooo

  26. I don’t play this game but shit u campin like a lil beach

  27. At the end you did make a good rotate whoever said it was the opposite of what you want doesn’t know what they’re talking about

  28. Yo myth can we collab sometime?

  29. I'm happy that Myth plays siege, i didn't watch at his channel but now i see his playing this game, awsome man

  30. Nah myth that was a good impact spot

  31. Learn the maps and gadgets and you´re even better than you already are. I´m very impressed how good you are!

  32. Oh no he used a bullet hole he's evolving

  33. It's all fun and games until myth on the tsm r6 roster

  34. Myth I’m so glad you play siege. I remember watching you with the OG Fortnite streams and I’m so glad you play this

  35. U made me Yell I haven’t fell off a Building in Years 🤣💯

  36. Not even cappin, if you can learn callouts youd be insane. You have the gun skill it's just more time and learning and especially callouts

  37. i saw the intro on stream lmao.

  38. I love the way you play you die and don’t get angry you realised the mistake you made good job. And also a little bit of advice for you use different ops every round at least until you get a bit Breyer so you know everyone’s recoil keep up the amazing work bro.👍👍👍

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