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Speed Racer Trailer (NEW)

The Matrix masterminds Andy and Larry Wachowski usher anime icon Tatsuo Yoshida’s classic 1960s-era hit into the new millennium with this family-friendly story of a young racecar driver who takes on the mysterious Racer X in a custom-made, gadget-loaded speed machine named the Mach 5. Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is the kind of driver that every wheelman wishes he could be: a born winner whose unbeatable combination of aggression, instinct, and fearlessness always finds him crossing the checkered flag with a comfortable lead. In Speed Racer’s mind, the only driver who could present him with any real challenge is his late brother — the legendary Rex Racer. Rex died in a heated cross-country rally known as The Crucible many years ago, and now his younger sibling is driven to fulfill the legacy that Rex left behind. To this day, Speed Racer is fiercely loyal to family. It was Speed Racer’s father, Pops Racer (John Goodman), who designed the unbeatable Mach 5, and even a lucrative offer from racing giants Royalton Industries isn’t enough to get the young ace to break his family ties.

Upon turning down Royalton’s (Roger Allam) astronomical offer, Speed Racer makes the shocking discovery that that the outcome of the biggest races is being predetermined by a handful of powerful moguls who pad their profits by manipulating the drivers. Realizing that his career would be ruined if word of the fix gets out, Royalton vows that the Mach 5 will never make it to another finish line. Now, the only way for Speed Racer to save the family business and beat Royalton at his own game will be to win the very same race that claimed his brother’s life so many years ago. In order to accomplish that formidable feat, however, Speed Racer will not only have to rely on his family and the aid of his longtime girlfriend, Trixie (Christina Ricci), but form a tenuous alliance with his longtime rival — the mysterious Racer X (Matthew Fox) — as well


  1. Pretty much the scramjet from gta

  2. I dont give a damn what anyone says but this movie is FIRE!!!

  3. This car looks like scram jet

  4. I just found out Ariel winter is in this…..thinking of seeing this movie soon .

  5. Anyone know the name of the music at the beginning?

  6. What was a secret?– Wait, there'd be no point in asking since it's a secret, right?

  7. this was a great movie. how come it did not rate too well?

  8. Awesome movie, this is so under-rated..

  9. The movie was vindicated by history! Thank God, miracles exist!

  10. this is a really good racing movie

  11. And Mathew Fox does his infamous "no" and shakes his head over and over.

  12. best thing in the movie – the way she says – "Cool beans!"

  13. I'm glad to see some people who actually liked this movie. The movie was what I was expecting. It was entertaining throughout the whole film, with of course some cheesy parts, but with cool racing scenes. And i was really wanting to see that song by Celldweller from the trailer in the soundtrack.

  14. @ROFLtrooper a secret moron? try commas.

  15. The cars could have been better looking or cooler or whatever, this looks like those retro prototypes that never came true

  16. GREAT Movie the only thing i didnt like is Rex not telling them hes alive

  17. Yeah.. And I want Racer X to tell the truth..

  18. That's question is explained at the end of the movie. Very gracefully I might add.

  19. in the final minutes of the movie the inspector detector ask to Racer X if he wants to visit the speed´s family, if is an error to hide that he is not dead

    sorry if my english is bad im learning hehehe

  20. What's the name of the music 1:32 on?

  21. he is
    did you watch or reruns of the old show

  22. awesome movie! im mad that it din't do well.. 🙁 im mad at the people who hate it

  23. Brilliant movie! It's true to Tatsuo Yoshida's creation, yet it has a lot of Wachowski originality!

  24. Intensity is the only word to describe this movie.

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