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Prey – Original Game Soundtrack – “Everything Is Going to Be Ok”

Learn more about the music, aliens and powers featured in Prey on Bethesda.net https://goo.gl/l1GgUu

Mick Gordon is no stranger to space (he’s already been to Mars), but the eerie, quiet halls of Prey’s Talos I are a far cry from the gore-soaked Hell found in DOOM. So when given the task of crafting a score for a more psychological thriller, the award-winning Australian-based musician took it in a completely different direction, building a diverse soundtrack that combines ambient arpeggiated guitars and heart thumping synth beats. The result lends itself perfectly to the tense, menacing journey to uncovering the mysteries surrounding Talos I and facing off against the alien threat that has taken over the station.

Prey will be available on May 5, 2017, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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ESRB RATING: Mature with Blood, Language, Use of Alcohol, and Violence.


  1. I jumped into the helicopter blades my first playthrough. I didn't know there was an achievement for it.

  2. Spoiler: It's all a simulation 🙁

  3. Unquestionably the best game released in the 2010's, in my eyes. I can't get enough of Prey <3 Pretty much the spiritual successor games like System Shock 2 deserved.

  4. "Everything is going to be ok"

    2020: nope

  5. Amazing soundtrack , beautiful art style, I really wished I could get into this game

  6. "Everything is going to be okay". Oh, the irony.

  7. I wanna here more music like this in every sci-fi game

  8. when you are still playing this when it released: nothings okay

  9. Best part of prey will always be the helicopter music. If only elevator music was this awesome.

  10. Good morning Mr. Yu. 78 degrees. Clear skies all the way.

  11. I don’t think things were very OK throughout most of the game

  12. Reply if you noticed the glitch on the ride.

  13. This game was fucking awesome

  14. “Yeah ….


    yuh, name Morgan! Whatchu tryna do man, Drink Drack Morgan. Hit you with the borgan. UH! Bout to freakin come at you. What you tryna do? I sneeze *ATchU!
    HoOoo! BaRs on these suckas! Everybody know that I’m tryna go to “LuckA”
    Idk what I just said, but ima bout to be dead.. Helicopter crash in… everybody, just dead..” 😴

    If y’all know this your an og samurai

  15. this was actually fantastically well done, flying around on a chopper with a beautiful view and this song in the background only to find out it was all an illusion.

  16. Ahh when Bethesda was in good terms with Mic Gordon and they had released some of their hottest games yet… 2020 has really sucked.

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