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  1. Dad coming home with their kids and wife’s on their phone yea sounds like the future now

  2. I saw James D'arcy in the thumbnail, instantly interested. Watched the trailer, instantly terrified. And SO MUCH INTERESTEd

  3. '' one person can set something in motion & the rest of the world in never the same again '' Corona 2020

  4. The visuals are stunning, worfth the price of admission alone. Glad that I will eventually see it for free though.

  5. Looks good…shades of Equilibrium

  6. First off it's great to see Delroy Lindo he always brings something good to a movie.secondly, I appreciate that they did not reveal the whole plot because let's face it most trailers do that these days.thirdly I'm not sure of the love interests name but she was in The Last Days of American Crime and I haven't seen her in anything else really I'm excited to see what she will do with her career

  7. Lol extroverts freaking out because they can't go outside

  8. This guy could play Anthony Perkins in a biopic, striking resemblance

  9. I'll give them this – they didn't give away most of the movie like they do in a lot of other trailers. I have no idea what's going on – but i'm interested…

  10. Looking forward to shave my legs with one of those laser razor in future 0:09

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