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  1. Loved blonde girl… depressing movie actually

  2. que buena película…. un tipo que piensa que lo tiene todo y al final se da cuenta que no tienen nada.se quedo solo 

  3. donde se podra descagar esa peli 🙁

  4. It was my first Jude Law movie. <3 Now I love him,

  5. he reminds me of my boyfriend …

  6. I just found this from pointlessblog…

  7. what's the song playing at 1.30?

  8. hi, something who know the song name's of 0:55 .

  9. "New York Hustle" by Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart. Available to buy on Amazon 🙂

  10. The only remake which is better than the original !!!

  11. Its not about women. You make your own happiness. You have to train it.

  12. I remember this but never watched it.

  13. Jude is actually good in this at times, no only handsome!

  14. I've lived the alfie lifestyle for the last 6 years and am realizing that it doesn't lead to happiness. However, in the course of it i discovered that i loved someone more deeply than i thought possible. The only question that remains is, do i love her more than my own selfish desires? If not, than i will never be able to win her heart back after all the pain i caused her. "What's it all about Alfie?"

  15. The original makes me want to watch this….is it worth it though ?

  16. Caine was representative of the wanton of the 60's and this guy is representative of the sex adicts of today.

  17. Such an awesome movie with my role model jude law!

  18. yea but… jude law is more cute se xy and awsome

  19. @arisztidoltz I agree. I watched the original version today for the first time and I couldn't get over how great he was. Many many laughs… can't believe he was calling the girls 'it'.

  20. lol we doingthe 1960s version of alfie at school for courcework i hope its good

  21. Anyone know the name of the song when the woman sings marlon 1:08?

  22. @cookiesncream789 life happened to him at the end, that's why 🙁 I love the movie, though 😉

  23. The trailer runs exactly like the movie. Really fun at the beginning, but depressing by the end. Thumbs up to the guy who said he only watches the first half.

  24. this movie mirrors my life so much, and yes even the bad stuff. being selfish and playing games is not the way to go

  25. This film reflects exactly what men are ….. Jude Law is perfect here

  26. the best movie ever, with the prettiest guy in the whole world

  27. it s a greate movie but i hate the fhinish

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