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  1. this movie was so silly but I laughed a lot and somehow enjoyed it.
    also, iggy pop. LMAO

  2. why do I feel like this movie is a parody of something????

  3. just watched the movie and I think that it was hilarious… I'd rather watch this than Twilight(no offense).. because there are so many rock/ heavy metal music refrences and if you like cheesy movies with great music(like I do), then this is a must see..

  4. the first vampire looks like the mad hatter but evil

  5. Check out the character concept for The Missing search out TheSquifstar on YT sor a sneak peek at Victoria

  6. @dunitproductions i've never seen it but the trailer is pretty crap!!!! :S

  7. haha this video's called suck because it sucks haha get it …

  8. woo vampires and rock my kinda movie lol XD

  9. I agree with this video the whole vampire thing sucks.

  10. Ok looks a little odd Subscribe to TheSquifstar for a sneak peak at new Brit Horror The Missing

  11. Henry Rollins has the best fucking voice ever!

  12. Best vampire movie ever made

    The lost boys

  13. if you have a thing for vampires. check out our vampire comedy. What harm can it do ey? you either get a laugh, or you turn it off. i feel thats a good deal 😉 ha

    does this count as spam? i think it does. WELL HOW ELSE AM I GOING TO GET MY FILM NOTICED! haha
    (fucking spam)

  14. whats the song at 0:44

    really would lurve to know 😀

  15. wtf? nice

    a vampire movie i'd actually go see

    and let's forget about that other one…

  16. @Jdeadevil twilight has ruined vampires

  17. that looks almost ok…. almost…

  18. aw danny smtih got a straw through his throat :'(

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