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A city is in peril as a sadistic killer is stalking innocent victims. The paranoia is magnified even more as three curious teenagers, who are spying on their high-rise neighbors, believe theyíve discovered the identity of this voyeuristic killer.

Surrounded by closed circuit cameras in their holiday apartment building, these young thrill seekers experience the horrifying reality of being spied on while spying! Are these three visitors headed for a standoff with the mysterious killer or will they survive a deadly game of spying?

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  1. The movie is a nonsensical steaming pile of artsy shit. And, of course, the fetish of females killing males was thrown in at the end for the drooling fan boys.

  2. Trailer is terrible looks boring

  3. Interesting concept for a horror film but not sure if the film will do the idea justice, the trailer doesn't make me want to watch it.

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