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Exploration- Coraline Soundtrack

Coraline Soundtrack

Disclaimer: I don’t own Coraline or any of the music. The rights belong to Focus Features, LAIKA, and Bruno Coulais, respectively.

Thank you Randz4Twin for the Lyrics!

Suli au len
Le je le fanilé jenti
Amen zun don
Antwo daltan
Felice se li mue.

Ovinue le
Enderi me suva
Ovinue le
Enderi me sutrim

Twee de da da, de dada
twee da twee
Da de du da, de twee da

Suli au len
Le je le fanilé jencli
Amen zin don
Antwo daltan (twee de da da…)
Felice se li mue
Wilo samwe (twee de da da…)
Melindaatje li mue.


  1. It could be dog-latin, or something like that.

  2. this song is so good but it low key plans in my nightmares

  3. This song make me feel so relaxed idk why i fucking love it

  4. It's the fist storm in a couple of months and im listening this while staring at my ceiling. I wish i could always be as happy as i am right now

  5. How do people think that the movie coraline is creepy I love it

  6. I still can't believe one of my favorite movies came out 11 years ago.

  7. Does anyone know the original language for this?😅

  8. no one:

    subtitles: lady fanny gently

  9. cant believe this came out 11 years ago, when i was younger around 6 years ago i was totally ADDICTED to coraline. me and my friend used to come to my house and watch the movie all the time. we were addicted to portals and stuff like that. currently im still best friends with that girl but she actually doesent like coraline now and stuffed to watch the movie with me. its been 6 years since she last saw that movie, same with me but that changed some days ago. im still in love with this movie and kinda upset now that they didnt do another movie about coraline but i guess this was it. lol i actually literally forgot the whole movie and remembered the theme only before i saw it some days ago. i miss those times but ye have a great day

  10. I’ve never fully watched the movie but when my sister was watching it, it always giving me a depressing feeling. No sun light, the way she abandoned her home for something she thought was better..but was indeed just sinister. Anyways, just wanted to come back for a bit. 8/26/2020

  11. Essa música tem uma vibe muito boa ^-^

  12. It’s Chinese Tata

    take a joke if you were gonna attack me tyty

  13. As a French speaker this sounds like an Italian trying to speak French with an accent

  14. Sentences that should of been added to coraline:

    Ending scene sentence: coraline realised something, something rather special about her. She was a rather brave, and extraordinary kid.

    no place like home

  15. I always thought she said sidneyyy

  16. this movie terrified me as a kid, but now growing up I realize how much I love this movie

  17. Eh, I cried…

    Coralie was such a hit. I was and still am obsessed with it, but now I realise what our future has turned into, I want Coraline 2…

  18. If you watch this on Netflix and put subtitles on this part it will say.

    “Girl singing nonsense language”

    I’m not kidding..

    No I’m actually being serious sister..

    No for real.

    You were expecting more. Hehehheheheheheheh

    K ima eat cookies now



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