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Come Play Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

Check out the official Come Play Trailer starring Gillian Jacobs! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 30, 2020
Starring: Gillian Jacobs, Azhy Robertson, John Gallagher Jr.
Directed By: Jacob Chase
Synopsis: Parents fight to save their son when a mysterious creature uses his electronic devices to break into our world.

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  1. Sure ghosts/ghouls arent real but thus guy hes neither

  2. Larry … Larry the monster. Lol i can tell I am going to love this film so much, especially if it is as excellently hilarious as The Bye Bye Man.

  3. I've got a son that has mild ASD. I cant watch this with my wife. She'll go berserk lol!

  4. This better end with people from the foundation showing up or I'm calling this a ripoff of like 3 different SPC's

  5. Y'know I'm pretty lonely, I'll be Larry's friend

  6. The only thing about 2021 I’m exited about

  7. So since he just wants friends and not to murder people out right I'm guessing this is shy guy's friendly cousin, maybe?

  8. I was disappointed this was not a movie about the rake

  9. When I said, give autistics like me more representation in film, putting him in a horror movie that will most likely keep me awake at nights was not what I had in mind.

  10. So if hes autistic… And depending on how severe it is mind you.
    What makes you think for a second that he would acknowledge some weird monster? Kids with autism hardly have friends bc the hardly acknowledge other children. Pretty sure if he was into his tablet that much. HE WOULD BE INTO HIS TABLET, NOTHING ELSE!

    I know its a movie. Js.

  11. Man, kids today can't do anything without their phones. Even ghosts can't haunt you without them. Maybe he'll find an exorcism app to get rid of Larry.

  12. They just stole Scp 096 design

  13. Good luck finding a friend to go see this one with lol

  14. An ex-girlfriend of mine once told me a story about her imaginary friend Marsha. Apparently she followed her all 3 times she moved as a child. She used to talk to Marsha in the closet, and play tag around the house.

    Her mom even said that when my ex got in trouble one night and her mom got upset with her, my ex told her mom "Marsha doesn't like when you yell at me."

    She finally drew a picture of Marsha one day and her mother described it as "A demon with a big head, little hair and beady red eyes." It always creeped me out.

    Basically this movie isn't as "Fictional" as it appears to be. Not sure if I want to tell my ex about this movie or not…maybe I will. LoL!

  15. My man Larry can't catch a break jeez

  16. Does this remind you of the roblox game break in where the main villain is scary Larry.
    Scary Larry,
    Scary Larry,
    Scary Larry,
    Scary Larry

  17. Snapchat filters be going crazy know and days

  18. The thing looks like the thing from roblox the maze game. ( its earrape if you play it )

  19. I don’t getting
    Larryalone and have no friends like you

  20. Ngl the song kinda threw me off. I was like :Hold up. He was drawing a demon and now they are playing a cheerful and happy song.

  21. 2:05 That kid was straight up V I B I N

  22. Still, it's less horrible than playing Scrabble with my brother. He's a monster of a cheater

  23. 1:12 is reminding me of the Babadook book.

  24. That'll teach you to mess with the Snapchat dog filter.

  25. Okay guys so at basically the first drawing of “Larry” made me think about Scp 096 did anyone think that aswell 0:01

  26. Looks like a discount Shy Guy (SCP)

  27. I'm guessing that scp 09… I mean larry kills you if you look at anny form of his face

  28. Larry just wants a friend let him play

  29. Listen, I think he just wants a friend


  31. I'd be his friend if he wouldn't like try to get my potato chips, there was like 3 hot cheeto bags in the corner. I guess he didn't like it.

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