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  1. Eeeeekkk can’t wait for Halloween! 🎃

  2. Bruh this looks like that scp monster

  3. Send him a Friend Request on a sock account, problem solved.

  4. This is just more of that emasculation, misandry, anti-father, anti-boy, pro-gynocracy feminist agenda programming. NEXT!


  6. The woman in the thumbnail looks like she found her sweet spot.

  7. Pfft mom is just gonna Britta the ghost

  8. I’ll be Larry’s friend ☺️

  9. 1:48 If you watch closely he’s watching spongebob 😀

  10. Larry reminds me SCP-096 "shy guy".

  11. the villan: larry
    the real villan: kids

  12. similar to the movie film "they follow"… or " Z "

  13. dang! i just hate when horror involving kids..!

  14. When someone says stop reading. You should stfu?!

  15. welp Im gonna have nightmares about his!

    what i really want is: I wanna see this !!

  16. I Kinda Want To See This. 😮
    The Story Looks Interesting.

  17. Day 327 of being single and larry lookin pretty thicc

  18. Larry looking like a scp that I’m not suppose to look at

  19. If he just wants to be friends then…. tf why not

  20. Honestly, this seems unique and interesting. I'd probably be up for watching it.

  21. I'm just happy to watch new movie trailers again🤧😂♥️🌠

  22. Im confused. Its seems like he just want a friend. How is this scary???

  23. I’m sorry. I can’t get over the mega scp vibes from this.

  24. Song tittle at the beginning of the trailer ?

  25. Bro am I the only one who thinks Larry looks like SCP-096

  26. A SHORT FILM BASED OFF A HORROR SHORT! THIS IS SO COOL! I Hope Trevor Henderson Gets An Actual Movie Or Crypt TV getting an Actual Movie. THIS IS SO COOL! XwX

  27. Who would be his friend, raise of hands.

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