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  1. This film was powerful with a beautiful ending. Amazing…absolutely amazing. Anyone living in the Philly area they are only showing it until Thursday at King of Prussia! Go see it folks! 

  2. Go 'Puss in Boots' (aka 'Tee' -aka Corbin Allred) from MST 3K Quest of the Delta Knights ! 

  3. Wow. Looks like a great movie! Besides the fact that my older brother is on his mission in Russia right now!

  4. Conoci a un Misionero en South Carolina USA que estuvo en Rusia y a el tambien le hicieron cosas muy terribles alla Pero el Siempre se apoyo en el Señor quien lo Saco Adelante hasta terminar con honores su Mision Dios salve a todos los Misioner(a)(o)s que dan su vida por el Evangelio a donde quiera que vayan

  5. Esta pelicula es muy interesante y esta basada en hechos que suceden a los Misioneros que sirven en Rusia

  6. I bet the movie is great, but unless I actually care about someone else's beliefs I would consider this movie mediocre.

    Russian's don't care for missionaries…fact. The orthodox church is enough religion already, and let us not forget there are countless other religious factions.

    What I would like to see are missionaries to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azjerbajan, etc. I wonder if they are accepted to preach in those countries.

    There is already more than enough work in Haiti for missionaries. How about concentrating on one country to ameliorate its standing with "god".

  7. when is this movie coming out??? I really want to watch this movie! or where can i look it up to watch it???

  8. Saw this, and I absolutely loved it! A great testimony builder. So inspiring…I cried.

    One of my favorite movies 🙂

  9. i found out that the one with the darker hair is actually a distant cousin and is in my dads mothers mother family

  10. As a prisoner
    You live in fear
    You worry about others
    Back home… sisters, mother…
    Then, the prayers change
    A sad weight hangs
    Concern for your captor
    And you seek for answers
    As a captor
    What are you after?
    Do you know that light
    Will influence what's right?
    Then, peace settles in
    And you see an end
    One way or another…
    You've faith in our Brother!

  11. I personally know the missionaries that went through that so yes it is a real story everything that happened in the movie really happened.

  12. We were there at the screening with the real missionaries, who told us the differences between the movie and what really happened. They said that 95% of it was true, and the other 5% were things they tweaked slightly to make it work as a movie.
    For example: In real life, the missionaries were blindfolded the entire time. In the movie, they were only blindfolded when the kidnappers moved them to a new place.
    You can watch the real interviews here on youtube and decide for yourself. 🙂

  13. One of the missionaries who are portrayed in the film was at the screening I saw last night and stated that 95% of what you see in the film is TRUE. Wow. It was so amazing! Go see it!!!

  14. For my spiritual thought in Seminary I talked about this movie and read 2 Nephi 22:2. That scripture was the message of the movie and ir showed these thousands of year old books still apply in our day. I love this church.

  15. Story – yes. But film – "inspired by real story".

  16. im already crying! I know what missionary life is like. Lived it! And this. . . this is just. . . I cannot wait for it to come out! :')

  17. I'm looking forward to the sequel: The Riyadh Method: The Mormons Go To Saudi Arabia!

  18. I, too, was there as a missionary. And I saw everything; It's all true!

  19. This is a great movie, a story that helps us realize that with god in our hearts everything is possible to survive! Put your negative comments aside

  20. It's incredible how many missionaries in Russia have incredible stories. I've uploaded about a half dozen interviews on our YouTube channel with Returned missionaries who served in Russia. They loved it! Almost always they were protected as long as they listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. One of the RMs I interviewed shared a story when he was prompted, but didn't obey, and because he didn't obey the Spirit, he was attacked by a drunk man. Always listen to the Spirit!

  21. Willard could have saved them early.

  22. Any reason we can't just speak to the movie? Vitreol will spew based on fear and misunderstanding or even just true hatred… which most rational people know has no place in any real faith based in a Higher Being or Power-as believers in the major religions, tolerance is one of the main truths we are ALL taught-unless we take a few verses and bastardize them into a mantra of hate or supremacy. Is LDS for me, no-do I support their RIGHT to carry on-yes. Back to the movie-looks great!

  23. No, it's a true story. The Russian government acknowledges it happened, our president at the time was involved and sent the FBI. You should brush up on your history before you comment.

  24. I'm going to advertise this on my own personal web site, "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE".

  25. Oh, boy, but I want to see this movie!

    When can I purchase the DVD?

    I reckon I'll buy at least three (03) of them, if not more.

    I'll purchase one (01) for myself, and the other two (02) will be donated to the library and the chaplain's office here, where I live, at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

    Maybe I'll buy another one for the ward library.

    I wonder if they'll air this at the BYU TV web site?

    If BYU-TV airs it, then I can watch it on my Toshiba Satellite laptop computer.

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