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Pete's Christmas Trailer

New Walden Family Theater Movie – Premiering on Hallmark on November 8th, 2013 8/7c.

Pete’s Christmas is a story about an overshadowed middle child who gets an unexpected second chance—and third, fourth and many more—to make his family’s disastrous Christmas day perfect when he finds himself destined to live the day over and over again.

Own the DVD, available in stores or online at Walmart.com starting November 12th.


  1. Bill Murray looks really young…

    Also, since when did we worship groundhogs in winter?

  2. How many times will they copy Groundhog Day? 12 Dates Of Christmas, Happy Death Day, Premature, Edge Of Tomorrow, Haunter, The Last Day Of Summer, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, Mine Games, Naked, Before I Fall, etc.

  3. This is what extremely so-so actors do in their down time in Canada.

  4. I'm a simple women
    I see Greg heffley (Zachary Gordan)
    I click

  5. Wonderful movie! One of the best Christmas movie ever! Anyone knows where Pete's house is located?

  6. Greg haffly! (Zachary gordon)

  7. Best hallmark Christmas movie ever

  8. Sooooo….. Groundhog Day?

    Why Greg???

  9. I watched the movie it was ok

  10. young snow from OUAT is in here

  11. Pete stars in another movie called diary of a wimpy kid. Petes Greg heffely in diary of a wimpy kid and manny

  12. He don't even kiss the girl I can't believe it so many opportunities so bad man

  13. The kid from the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid looks cute

  14. One of the best Christmas movies ever

  15. mis actores juveniles favoritos josh hutcherson, zachary gordon, Robert capron. de esta epoca milenia,y mujeres balie madison, jenifer lawrence.

  16. petes christmas una pelicula bien hecha familiar donde pasa de todo como en una familia. me gudta la Ecena del abuelo de pete hablando con su nieto, la cena en familia no tiene vulgaridades bien hecha me gusto mucho, balie madison muy bonita y ha crecido mucho desde the brige to tarabithia con josh hutcherson,y ahora con zachary gordon un buen actor juvenil.

  17. this is based off a book I read a while back, but it was about a girl's bday. she kept waking up and it was her bday and another guy had the same bday as her and they had celebrated it every year together, but then they had a fall out. both of them were the only ones that knew what was going on. I think it was callled 13 birthdays or like 11 birthdays or something

  18. @Mr. AnimeSkittles yeah she is also from drake and josh Christmas movie ……….how ironic


  20. Its just like the Mickey Mouse movie where the ducks have Christmas Over and Over!!!

  21. really liked this movie :]

  22. this is the same as groundhog day!

  23. this is the same as the movie Christmas Do over

  24. Hey! This movie is a rip-off of "Christmas Every Day".

  25. And this week on the 'When did he get hot' chronicles…

  26. Is the girl on the swings the girl from wizards of waverly place.

  27. it is a nice movie! great job zachary gordon

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