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Fanboys 2009 Movie Trailer

In this riotous new road movie from producer Kevin Spacey, a group of friends who are avid Star Wars fans travel west to see the Holly Grail of all sci-fi movies, Star Wars: Episode I. The year is 1999 and for these death star dorks, the Star Wars films are more than just movies; they are a way of life. So, after one of the group takes sick it is nothing short of a moral imperative that the friends break into George Lucas Skywalker Ranchi to watch the seminal sci-fi picture together before its release. Enlisting the help of an estranged friend, who has traded in his Darth Vader mask for a proper day job, the adventure lays way to some extremely funny situations, including an outrageous brawl with some hard-core Trekkies. http://video-vibes.blogspot.com/


  1. 10 anos … 21 anos … frio na minha espinha

  2. I just watched the movie only because I heard there is cameo of chrome robot cops from THX 1138

  3. today is the day it came out on DVD
    9 years ago

  4. "the warehouse guy from the office"

  5. Oh god, this movie was shit. It wasn't meant for Star Wars fans. It was meant for undiscerning Star Wars fans. Granted, that's the majority, but still…


  7. The red button scene is priceless… hahaha… ."We stole the ranch or we die trying"….

  8. I love how all of the fangirls and fanboys are all "this movie looks great!" and "I love this movie everyone has to see it" and all everyone else is all "wtf is this lol" and "This looks so bad wtf"

  9. The hot chick from SIN CITY ahhaha

  10. "Hey guys, what if the movie sucks?"

  11. Its one of those movies thats directed to specific audience. Its not meant for mass public.

  12. This movie is amazing. I laughed so hard and even cried a little at the end. I love it love it. 33% on Rotten Tomatoes is insane. Like WTF did those critics watch?

  13. "The warehouse guy from the office." Omg. omgomgomgmomgl;skjdfl;askdjf;ED

  14. I actually cried sooo much at the end of this movie, when linus is talking about dying and the zoom into his face..

  15. Flash if you love wookies LOL
    amazing movie

  16. LOVED IT 😀
    just finished watching it funny as hell.
    "i'm picaso's blue period" lol
    and when they fight the star trek guys 😛

  17. "the force is strong with me here" hahaha

  18. Just awesome movie. Funny as hell. 5/5

  19. jaja shooter mcgavin, that wa awesome.

  20. Fanboys 2 should be about the war between Microsoft Fanboys and Sony Fanboys.

  21. LOL William Shatner can score anything

  22. good movie i do recoment it to starwars fan

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