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PINOCCHIO Trailer (2020)

First trailer for Pinocchio


  1. I like these italian vibes 👍🏼

  2. Da waren zwei bekannte Star Wars-Geräusche im Trailer.

  3. Producers: Hey Roberto. Do you want to do another Pinocchio movie?
    Roberto: Stern look …What?
    Producers: Oh don’t worry. You’re Gepetto this time.
    Roberto: sighs in relief Okay. Sounds good.

  4. Great horror trailer just imagine that lol

  5. Original Story by original producers… nice!

  6. Summer is already passing.

  7. the last shot was quite cool

  8. Oh hell no! This shit looks creepy AF. Give me nightmares.

  9. Original version does not have a cricket?

  10. This movie is still by Disney right?
    It should be

  11. Meatcanyon already made this movie but it was like under a minute long. https://youtu.be/nM2Wz6NdPZs

  12. 거짓말만 하면 코가 자라는 피노키오를 ikea에서 취직을 시켜주는데~


  14. Why does the whale have to be some over the top "scary" monster? It would've been better as a giant whale, with an ominous environment and music.

  15. Ah like pans labyrinth same look

  16. Looks scary as shit in the thumbnail 😂

  17. He kind of looks like the Bicentennial Man

  18. I have a big smile… Because I saw my whole childhood again 😄

  19. I was hoping it was going to be a dark version where Pinocchio eats little boys and lies about it…. No?… Just me?

  20. Didn’t Roberto Benigni play Pinocchio once?

  21. That Pinocchio is by the far the most disturbing thing I’ve seen since 2 girls 1 cup

  22. In the Disney remake Pinocchio will be gender fluid….

  23. Seems the Italianos have beaten Disney to the punch 🥊😊

  24. Everyone is thinking he gotta he Pinocchio from Disney, but I’m thinking he finna be the Pinocchio from Shrek lmaoo like I’m gonna holler if he says “Imma Real Boy.” 🤣🤣

  25. The thumbnail resembles Shaun King. Lies and all

  26. Doesn’t look terrible, I’ll give it a shot.

  27. Steve carrell could play this 😂

  28. പിനോക്കിയോ

  29. I liked this trailer alot.

  30. For those that don’t know. Disney invented Pinocchio and Italy is a fake country. Get your facts straight!

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