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D&D Official Roleplaying Soundtrack – Army of the Dead

This is an album made to accompany a real life game of Dungeons & Dragons.
Track 20: Army if the Dead
Artist: Midnight Syndicate


  1. You stand atop the uppermost level of the tower. Buffeted by strong winds as the thunderclouds churn above, your attention is drawn to the figure directly across from you, hovering in the air effortlessly despite the howling storm. The Lich looks down at you expectantly, now arrayed in the full accoutrements of his power, black robe billowing in the wind. In his skeletal hands are clutched a staff wrought of silvery metal, burning with arcane runes etched on its surface. As the red point of light in the empty sockets that were once his eyes smolder, you realize to your woe that you have garnered his full attention…

  2. And thus, an Army of hundreds… nay, THOUSANDS of Undead begin marching and swarming the Battlespire, climbing into it's many crevasses and attempting to overwhelm the Party. Before you can ever hope of facing Orcus, it is clear that you must first carve a bloody swathe through this Swarm.
    The Sorcerer looks to the Barbarian and nods. He draws his massive 400 lb. Greatsword (I gave him Dragonslayer 😉 ) and everyone funnels behind him, readying spells and divine smites alike.
    … I love my Party when I'm DMing. They're certainly not fools… or are they? >:D

  3. I played this at .75 speed (an option on the video) and it is pretty sweeeeeeet

  4. Are these music royalty free?

  5. This makes me want to dispell an army of skeletons w/my Paladin!

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