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Beautiful Japanese Music – Inuyasha Sad Song Mix – Emotional Soundtrack

Beautiful Japanese Music – Inuyasha Sad Song Mix – Emotional Soundtrack

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Inuyasha sad song (piano version Mix)►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYFYRGKF-HQ
✔Inuyasha Theme song – Soundtrack: https://goo.gl/cCfhgS
✔1- Hour Anime Mix (Emotioanl music): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta6qT…
✔Anime music – Futari No Kimochi (Collection): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkQ2o…

0:00 Futari No Kimochi – Inuyasha OST ( Main Theme)
2:35 Futari No Kimochi – Inuyasha OST ( Guitar)
5:04 Affections touching across time ( Piano)
7:24 Affections touching across time ( Violin)
9:42 Shinto Princess Kikyo ( Main theme)
11:23 Sad Ost
13:10 Shinto Princess Kikyo ( Flute)
16:34 Kagome To Inuyasha ( Song)
19:54 Kagome To Inuyasha ( Flute

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_The Soul of Wind_


  1. I love this song. The melody is so sweet and beautiful. I was attracted. I love Inuyasha, too

  2. I have found some of the best soundtract ever

  3. Amo seshomaruuuuu

    Amo bonito

  4. 9분42초 이누야사 최애 ost..진짜 심금을 울림 …

  5. Manga cua rumiko deu ket dep, it buon, nhung moi to duyen giua inuyasha va kikyo that buon

  6. Lagian inuyasa kagome ini hampir mirip sama jenderal coi young dari kelompok wodalci.

  7. Kalau tidak salah ini bukannya lagu latar belakang dari kebanyakan video ngaji filsafat yang satu
    menit itu ya???

  8. I almost cried after hearing this cause it's been so long since I watched this anime I missed this anime 🥺

  9. حلوه مره الاوستات 🙂

  10. Futari No Kimochi sounds out of tune :c It hurts

  11. This bittersweet feeling 😭

  12. me puse a llorar cuando recordé a aome sufriendo por inuyasha… 🙁

  13. I love inuyasha💖🌹

  14. I’m fine even when I think I’m not I am

  15. anyone still listening this in 2020?

  16. I'm glad I found this 👌
    I miss this, whatever I'm not gonna stop re-watching inuyasha my top fave anime💓

  17. Ah..I luv this. I think this anime has the most beautiful songs amazing..

  18. Its beautiful l love it it makes you sad and calm

  19. It feels like you are in another world ✨

  20. While listening to this, it's like a miasma (sadness, griefs, loneliness) comes out from me

  21. I never thought I would ever able to see Inuyasha and kagome again……it's being 11yrs I still love to watch Inuyasha…..what if m not able to watch it on TV but you tube has made it available for us to watch and feel the innocence vibes again…….🙂🙂my ever wish is to watch Inuyasha upcoming lyf…..I just love this anime……and this song it just heal me up when I'm all alone…..

  22. everyone keeps talking about inuyasha but i dont even understand
    someone please explain it to me . thanks

  23. 0:00~1:06 Affections Touching Across Time orgel Version.

    1:08~2:34 Affections Touching Across Time.

    2:35~5:05 Affections Touching Across Time Guitar Cover.

    5:05~7:24 Affections Touching Across Time Piano Cover.

    7:29~9:40 Affections Touching Across Time Violin Cover.

    9:41~11:21 Shinto Princess Kikyo Theme

    11:23~13:05 Miko Kikyo Theme.

    13:10~16:00 Shinto Princess Kikyo Theme Flute Cover.

    16:01~22:53 Kagome To Inuyasha Theme(Song, Flute) Cover.

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