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After We Collided – Official Trailer

In this second installment based on the worldwide bestseller After, we follow Hessa’s intense breakup and its aftermath. Will love overcome the past?

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Song: Dove Cameron – We Belong https://DoveCameron.lnk.to/WeBelong

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  1. Thanks so much for using my song "We Belong"!

  2. Is this movie going to be out on Netflix

  3. Josephine is amazing & talented! Her acting & expressions are always on point

  4. Hero is the best actor for hardin and i don't see many people talking about him….

  5. After We Collided 2 (2020) Full Movie
    >>> t.co/dGMGtHBS9b?after-2/queen

    Іх здароўе
    адпаведныя ім прадухіляюць
    занадта блізка
    побач адзін з адным. ??7s

  6. I better see Hero’s ass in this rated R movie

  7. I can’t wait to see this omg

  8. I cannot explain how excited I am I literally keep coming back and watching

  9. First was boring but I’m watching this just Dylan is in it

  10. the fact theyr so toxic together makes me love them more🤦‍♀️

  11. who else thinke the book is better?

  12. I was surprised to see Candice

  13. I was kinda dissapointed by the first movie but I am happy now because I feel like this is gonna be sooo much better, like the acting looks already better in the trailer so I can’t wait to see the whole movie!

  14. ❤️ HALO BOY'S ❤️

  15. This makes me glad I put myself through watching the first movie

  16. Omg Caroline from vampire diaries is in it

  17. Damn I cant believe I read all the books in grade 8 and now the second film is finally coming!! I’m in grade 12 now ☺️

  18. When will the movie come out pls?

  19. This sounds amazing! What age rating is this and will it be on Netflix?

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  21. Is that Cole or Dylan? 😂😅

  22. Did someone even NOTICE in the description that they've written "Hessa" instead of tessa?

  23. OMG I CANT BELIVE WHAT IS CAROLINE (Candice)DOING HERE ??😂💕 and is that Cole Sprouse or someone else 🤗

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