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The Delfonics Funny Feeling

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  1. this is objectively the best song ever made

  2. I didn’t hear this song until the other day in GTA V.

  3. I didn't even know GTA v had this song in the radio

  4. "This video is used only for non-profit usage and publishing."
    -Uses advertisements for profit :

  5. I love how this song gives me the feeling of driving down a street in a old Volvo on a sunny summer day in 1969, women where beautiful and men cool

  6. Groovy man…This song gives me that funny feeling!

  7. This song makes me think of Chicago.

  8. Anyone know the lyrics? All the ones I found were incomplete.

  9. Thanks to Quentin Tarantino for introducing me to the Delfonics!

  10. "My New Love" on side B was better than this.

  11. the jhonnie's got a good ol bubble butt

  12. This song always reminds me of the Vietnam war era for some reason even though gta v brought me here

  13. I love this song in gta v but it be too damn short

  14. I always thought this song was waaaay underrated in the HOOD because of it's up front psychedelic beat. But it also had a bop R&B rhythm going on at the same time which I thought made this song so KOOL & UNIQUE!…. LUUUUVD IT!

  15. This one goes out to Amanda.

    Yeah baby, you know what's up

  16. thanx 4 posting! i love this!

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