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Chosen 2016 Trailer

Studio: Lionsgate
Release: August 2, 2016
Director: Jasmin Dizdar
Writer: Gabriel De Mercur
Cast: Luke Mably, Ana Ularu, Harvey Keitel, Andrei Albulescu, Tomasz Aleksander, Radu Banzaru, Claudiu Bleont, Alma Caldare, Paul Carroll, Diana Cavallioti, Sam Churchill, Ioachim Ciobanu, Andrei Csolsim, Sorin Dobrin, Andreea Dogaru, Cosmin Dolea
Genre: Drama, War


  1. ANOTHER "NAZI" movie?! All we get from Hollywood these days are mixed race and NAZI movies; getting REAL old!

  2. I can't find the soundtrack but I really wanna know

  3. the only good thing about this film is the music.

  4. The tanks that are showen in thi trailer are not even german or ww2 tanks they look like soviet T-44 or some after war t tank

  5. Please, where can I find the background music? I look everywhere, it is very beautiful and inspiring, I need help please. Does anyone know where I find the soundtrack or the soundtrack? I speak Spanish and English, if someone helps me, I thank them very much.

  6. musicc 25 '''' Haim Effendi – A la una nasi yo '''2

  7. 25. dkkada müzik var onu kim söylüyor acaba bilen varsa soylesin ..

  8. please what's the song in 25 min ?

  9. not speaking native ? -> BAD MOVIE !

  10. The Movie seems confusing 👎, but interesting 👍

  11. This is not a German Tank in this Film.

  12. Pour ceux qui on vu le film en entier, pouvez vous me dire quelle est la musique à environ 5 min 40 ??
    merci d'avance ! 🙂

  13. is this some kind of parody ?

  14. plz someone tell me the name of those songs in the movie ? who nows ?

  15. i've been chosen i guess

  16. LMFAO! so this is how the "jews" get revenge on germany…through the big screen, how brave.

  17. They dont speek german. How bad.

  18. 80% of the actors are romanian 😀

  19. Can anyone tell me the exact name of the background songs??? I just fell in love with 'em… TIA

  20. American War propaganda… these days, Americans are the Nazi's.

  21. Germans speak English very funny

  22. was interested in this until I heard the thick English guy saying how do we defeat them and the answer we fight! piss take

  23. what is the name of this song in the movie please ?

  24. this movie is wonderful

  25. 10,000 VEIWS AND NO COMMENTS ….

  26. I shit through my mouth.

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