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Vikings – Season 5 Official Teaser Trailer (HD) [NEW]

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  1. The real Season 5 trailer is out there.

    Sigurd is confirmed dead.

    Floki is grieving at Helga's death and will discover Finland.

     A new kind of Saxon knights called The Templars will come. The Vikings seemed to have met their match.

    Heamund played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be introduced as a Saxon Monk turned warrior who will battle Ivar and the rest of the Vikings.

  2. that was in season 4 part b…why lie about it?

  3. this is season 4 not 5..

  4. I am sooo confused. didn't he die and they sent his body on that ship barge think as is viking custom?

  5. thank the Gods for the shit rope maker

  6. King Ragnar is going to commit suicide then?? (*_*)……

  7. cant wait for season 4 ep 11 – hopefully Ragnar doesnt die too soon, itd be hard to watch without him

  8. what is this place? its just mindblowing

  9. wtf he thinking this is not how you get into Valhala

  10. Tz…. imitating Odin 😉 poor Ragnar

  11. Me through this trailer being a dumbass: Oh so is ragnar trying to make a little boat like the one we saw in one of the short clips to sail again. Ok why did he put a rope over the tree; is he only going to take that little part only, Is he making the horse pull the tree limb off like that 0_o, Ok why did he let gooooOOOOOOOOOH. nvm

  12. Do YOU want to know how Floki is doing in Season 5 of Vikings? Check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd2BhBCoHkM :))))

  13. i dont get it, why they published this video?

  14. My guess is that he's doing what Odin did to gain knowledge and wisdom…?

  15. This isn't season 5 you donkey it's the 2nd half of season 4.

  16. This awful!! I can't believe! terrible!!

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