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UFC 251: Usman vs Masvidal – Super Necessary

Jorge Masvidal steps in on short notice to face welterweight champion Kamaru Usman in the main event of UFC 251 on July 11, live from Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

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  1. Cant wait to see when the casual jorge fans girls realize that what joe rogan said was true THERES LEVELS TO THIS SHEET

  2. Тони Монтана

  3. 1:48 anyone else notice Steve-O sat behind masvidal?

  4. Usman needs to be humbled he's so full of it

  5. I don't owe anybody anymore with the help of, e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m

  6. Ben Askren can't get a break. He is retired and even now the ufc throws jabs at him with that title.

  7. One of my favourite scenes is when masvidal was like I'm gonna fuck your ass up to usman

  8. Everybody is about to pay for the ppv, meanwhile we in Holland can watch it for free lol

  9. Should of always been the title fight .. Now the guys got 6 days to cut from 190 ..

  10. Kamaru is racist for calling Jorge a pig

  11. Kamaru usman fan like here❤️❤️❤️

  12. When masvidal says,' I will break his fkn face,' man, that's scary 😲

  13. Super necessary to watch this. This will be my first PPV as well. You have to support MasVidal! Guy is a champion of heart.

  14. Jorge gonna baptized Usman

  15. There’s unknown for both fighters. It’s a tough call. I thought the Nate Diaz fight was at least going to be competitive, but it’s proof that Jorge is just a completely different fighter than he used to be. Usman is just so big

  16. Wanna make easy money? Bet your saving's on usman. He'll ragdoll masvidal.

  17. The new Robbie Lawler ladies and gentlemen

  18. damn this shit got me HYPED

  19. BMF's belt is the only one Masvidal can get in his entire life, he's not the right opponent for Usman, Burns should be there.

  20. Masvidal look scary like a serial killer what a promo amazing i wish jorge beat this snoozman 👊

  21. Masvidal taking this fight on a few days notice is some real gangsta shit bro, even so with the lack of preparation for a fight Usman cannot stand with masvidal.

  22. This two is beasts!!!!

  23. Pretty damn exciting! Usman I think has the upper hand bc of his wrestling. But like Colby will they keep it on their feet? Personally speaking I’d like to see Jorge win.

  24. Like for usman…

    Usman gne beat his ASS!!!!!!!!!

  25. Gorge u need to cut ur hair n beard man, it may interfere during the fight bro👍,aah man I m excited, can't wait

  26. As an addict to this sport with some experience,i have to say : it's all about the will and savage desir to win add to this taking the opportunity at the right time.kamaru will win .why ?because he has the power , the rage of wining and he attacks to finish .

  27. Masvidal is a bad enough mother to take this fight on this notice and still perform, I don't really think it matters who he fights or what day its on anymore. How each of them bounces back from making weight will probably do more to decide the fight than the rest of the preparation.

  28. Man i fucking love ufc

  29. i still think nate would of won if there wasnt a stoppage I need to see that part 2 if Jorge loses

  30. Jorge, butter your head, you're toast.

  31. Mmmmas…….Vidaaaaaal

    Fer the Dub!

  32. I dont like Usman so am on Masvidal all the way 'and new' via TKO..

  33. Hahaaaaa a good promo for once!!

  34. I have usman winning that one

  35. Fuck. Even this intro is intense😍

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