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Pandemic Legacy Season 0 – Teaser Trailer

See the new teaser trailer for Pandemic Legacy Season 0, the latest edition of Matt Leacock’s classic board game.

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  1. Отлично! Ждём в этом году!

  2. But…wasn't Season 1 the beginning?

  3. I have to admit… kind of disappointing. We'll see how it plays out, no pun intended.

  4. I found this on reddit, i enjoy watching boardgames and moreso if they are legacy (i saw how much they cost and freaked out

  5. True Story:
    About 3 days ago I met with 3 other people. We almost played pandemic but chose a different game. A day later one of the guys didn't smell anymore. Yesterday his test results came back positive. We should have FOUGHT the pandemic.

  6. We will get an all-stickered up board up and all the cards torn and ruined and we will need to gradually revert everything to its original state.

  7. This might be the first board game trailer teaser I've seen and it's dope af

  8. I want Netflix series by season one scenarios

  9. Well, I'm excited, feckin' love pandemic…not the irl one but the one currently confined to a light blue metal tin on my wall at home.

  10. For reals? Slightly surprised the trailer is not coming out of the Z-man channel itself?

  11. Aiieee! It must be mine!

  12. Sounds like some nice escapism, fighting a pandemic.

  13. Gasp! Is this the secret project Johnny said he was working on in the podcast? Coooool beans!

  14. Nice, hope we get a release date announced soon, this will be an insta-buy! 😀

  15. If there's no mechanic where there's a toilet paper shortage no one will buy it.

  16. I've never been so excited for a pandemic

  17. One of my favorite games among my friends and myself – I'll have to let them know

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