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Worms Rumble – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Team17 presents Worms Rumble, the brand-new instalment in the long-running Worms franchise! Introducing a real time, arena-based, 32 player, cross-platform extravaganza that puts a new spin on your favourite warmongering invertebrates! Coming late 2020 to PS4 and PS5. Are you ready to Rumble?


  1. Esto no es WORMS se han cargado lo característico del juego, la estrategia y demás… Dislike

  2. You’re telling me they finally made another 3D worms game but decided to make it a battle royal with no level destruction? Mannnn

  3. Nobody tell Chris O’Neal…

  4. Fortnite eat you heart 💓 out…Also get ready for the new emote the worn 🤯

  5. Lol, und ich habe gestern noch dran gedacht dass ich Worms gerne zocken würde

  6. I'm not angry that they made a change, I'm just unsure if I'll dig it. Will give it a chance for sure

  7. Who else played the turn based mobile version way before it hit 3D quality

  8. Oh awesome love Worms games and this looks like an epic edition to the franchise

  9. i Wish this Game in Free to play and in Epic Games Store

  10. They didn't have to exploit the Worms name for this game to come out. I'd prefer a Remaster collection (but an option to play in it's original version as well) of all the combined games in one, to pick and play from.

    This could've been an original game called Ants. Where it's this type of gameplay but it's inside an ant farm, but similar to Dig Dug and Bomberman. It would create strategic opportunities to play, by building tunnels to a kill. There could be different classes of Ants to play as, with advantages and disadvantages. You could customize your ant's look from head to toe with cosmetics, color, mouth, eyes, limbs, voice, and taunt.

  11. Guess what Worms again

  12. No one asked nor want this…

  13. Who's nephew came up with this?

  14. looks kinda fun if you play with other people you know but I would like destructible environments!

  15. looks really bad. a worms battle royal with actual worms mechanics would rock, this is a stupid shooter with not even destroyable environments, embarrassingly low effort

  16. Not exactly like the old worms games, but maybe this is a sort of spinoff they're trying, so I'll give this a chance!

  17. Fine with battle royale mode but it needs
    1) 3D landscape
    2) FPS or TPS view
    3) classic weapon load out
    4) environmental destruction

    Basically a Battlefield with Worms.
    EDIT: don't forget the ragdoll physics

  18. Ah yes just what I always wanted to see from Worms, a worm flossing.

  19. Я такую игру готов запустить на слабом рк
    Где тут игра для пс 5

  20. Do we need ps plus to play?

  21. Make a new worms game
    Take out turn based combat
    Take out destructible environments
    Take away everything that makes something a Worms game
    Add lots of ugly cosmetics
    Make it a Battle Royale
    Worms Rumble is now ready to be created

  22. Sure hope they have a classic mode

  23. Los dioses regresan al olimpo::)

  24. what the f**k is this? Looks like someone lost battle foyale hype train… Where is classic worms battle mod?

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