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Jim Zirin-What Is So Funny About The Universe?-Neil deGrasse Tyson

In his new cable talk show “Star Talk,” astrophysicist extraordinaire Neil de Grasse Tyson combines hilarity, pop culture, celebrity guests and science to the joy of his many fans. Neil the amazing tells Jim Zirin that levity combined with gravity is a recipe for learning about the universe, and just plain fun.



  1. I really liked the interviewer. Got all the important information out for the viewer.

  2. Am I doing it wrong if I want to watch Star Talk for the science and I just don't care about the celebrities?

  3. a startalk sounds fucken legit xD

  4. Neil is awesome, Neil for President

  5. Worst interviewer ever, mono tone, and doesn't have concept on what Neil is talking about, not to mention the understanding of any simple term.. Why does station approve of such interviewer to be in show with people who can make impact to world? There is a way of asking question from host, just for more understanding to audience, even thou they them self (host) alrdy knw e ans to it, but definitely not with such expression and tone. He might be good at other genre of interviewing but having him with Neil or any science advancement related? No way. This is one of the reason why the nation is failing.. just by watching this I feel insulted.

  6. Evolutionism is anti-science.

  7. I have a different view on geek and nerd, but I don't think the world agrees with me. I see a nerd and think Math, science, computers, tech, etc…. I see a geek and think Star Trek, dungeons and dragons, w.o.w, Lord of the rings. I basically think of it as a nerd having intelligence in science and a Geek liking fantasy.

  8. This interviewer needs to retire. Love Neil though.

  9. The interviewer was awful and seemed clueless about simple concepts that Neil brought up. He couldnt grasp that Star Talk wasnt just about space but about science in general.

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