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Death by China Film – Official Trailer

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DEATH BY CHINA Documentary

From best-selling author and filmmaker, Peter Navarro, comes DEATH BY CHINA, a documentary feature that pointedly confronts the most urgent problem facing America today — its increasingly destructive economic trade relationship with a rapidly rising China.

Since China began flooding U.S. markets with illegally subsidized products in 2001, over 50,000 American factories have disappeared, more than 25 million Americans can’t find a decent job, and America now owes more than 3 trillion dollars to the world’s largest totalitarian nation. Through compelling interviews with voices across the political spectrum, DEATH BY CHINA exposes that the U.S.-China relationship is broken and must be fixed if the world is going to be a place of peace and prosperity.

Death by China is now playing in select cities around the U.S.

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  1. The World's DEATH by America .

  2. I would be glad to see higher tariffs on China. What comes out of China Should be labeled as China junk. I would be glad to see other nations providing the products that we are buying from China, products that go through quality control not shipped out as junk that does not last. we pay a lower price for their products but it’s not less expensive because the product does not last and then we have to rebuy that same product.

  3. Some people in US is desperate now, this film and youtube channel shows that China is doing something right for China !

  4. LMAO. It's really Death by Capitalism. USA is big time hypocritical at times…

  5. 居然和中国国内反美的政治宣传片有异曲同工之妙。

  6. 中國不改革開放•就像騙子•騙取美國的智慧財產跟金錢土地財產•再拿美國的錢•來打擊美國經濟跟國防

  7. 不就老闆貪圖中國低價的人力之後不進駐中國成本就沒競爭力.的惡性循環嗎.

  8. Judging by the comments here people are wise to the propaganda ploys and demonization of others.

    This deflects from USA government culpability on hollowing out the manufacturing base and empowering elites and corporations with USA tax dollars.

  9. It's Simple.. Just Call Malaysia PM Mahathir sell some Offer Deal Land in JB & offer as many American MNC factory shift to Johor Bahru & call Most American White collar worker shift to Malaysia JB & finally will bring Massive Job to both American, Malaysia & Sg worker…Which is call Wa la in french…, Settle everything to counter China from stealing intellectual property… 😀
    Visit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEEImm0fIbs ( Start Saving USA worker today )

  10. hmm, it's sad that a vast majority of people in this world are stupid and are ultimately passively responsible for war.

  11. I think China should open for imigration and offer jobs to the american graduates, we will see how it works,china is much more safe,good food,and respect to all people whatever color skin is,it is a decent place to live a life,what else normal people desires,donot even worry which shit will be on presidency

  12. I so wish that I would have been smart enough to have gotten this at the time that this video was posted. Now, I see that China has already gotten too far in taking over the world. The People's Republic of China will make Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union look like great governments.

  13. My Chinese friends and I love peace

  14. 中国人不是这样的.我包括我身边的中国人都爱好和平.

  15. The US should have signed good trade deals with responsible developing countries, but it lost its moral compass many decades ago when it abandoned all its capitalist allies across the entire world and sold those pro-US countries down the drain.

  16. Some negative feedback from the Chinese below… not smart!

  17. Incorrect title..death by MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS & Propaganda


  19. It is amazing how stupid U.S. corporations think Americans are. The simplest example of this is Donald Trump's audacity to make us think that he cares about the American worker when he does all his manufacturing abroad. He did this out of greed to increase his profits and not for the benefit of the American worker. GREEDY U.S. CORPORATIONS MOVE JOBS OFFSHORE TO MAXIMIZE SHAREHOLDER PROFIT. Who cares about what China does in their country, and your pitiful sob stories about the Chinese people. This is just U.S. nationalistic propaganda. U.S. CORPORATIONS DON"T HAVE THE DISCIPLINE NOR THE DESIRE TO STAY IN THE US AND PROVIDE JOBS FOR AMERICANS. U.S. style Capitalism was the driving force behind the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, which provided nearly no labor costs. Today U.S. corporations lobby Congress to find slave labor through trans-national partnerships like NAFTA and TPP. The U.S. also import low waged technical professional through the H1B visa program. U.S. CAPITALISM HAS NO ALLEGIANCE TO U.S. WORKERS!! The U.S. textile, steel, electronics, and manufacturing industries are a testament to the vile form of capitalism practiced by U.S. corporations. As you spew this mindless saber rattling garbage you don't have the courage to speak truth to power. U.S. CAPITALISM IS BROKEN.

  20. its the us has too many unskilled, lazy, and greedy workers. In the history of China, China has never invaded any other countries besides the yuan dynasty. in whiched china was ruled by the Mongolian people. China's main ethical thought is from the Confucianism which never denounce the strong take advantage of the weak. if the US stop treading with the world, it would become the China under Mao s rule, the economy will shrink.
    also, sciences and techs are the treasure of all humanity which should be shared to everyone on earth. in this century, we should think more how to improve the world for humanity not just for one country.

  21. This is capitalism, all wanted to get in and now they cry. World is about making money.
    I think biurocracy kills it, when 1 worker works for 12 people siting at the computer…
    So hou u want make cheap things then?
    America main buissnes is weapons, so out of war they collapse..

  22. Incorrect title..death by MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS & Propaganda

  23. As always, blaming others first.
    Take a wild guess: where does most of profit go to, Apple or Chinese workers?

  24. This movie blames China for stealing jobs, did they say how? No. This movie blame Americans for buying products made in China, like we have a choice.  Instead they should make movie entirely about US Govt. and their financial supporters of big corporations causing jobs and wealth transferring overseas for profit in the name of fiduciary duties for shareholders. US Govt. gives MFN(most favorite nation)status since Nixon till now. Only Govt. can turn things around Not us. We need to elect someone other than Dems or Reps. But we all know that's impossible. So the story continues. We are just slaves to a capitalism gone haywire.

  25. manufacturing is a small element to getting a product to market. If we can build a product cheaper, better and cost efficient. Guess where it will built? But we can't. The USA cost of living and taxes are expensive. Companies and people need to think outside of the box to be globally competitive. Reducing taxes and cost of living is an option but didn't we try that in Detroit and Baltimore? A line worker gross wage expense is approximately $70/hr inclusive of all benefits. Maybe we should blame the people working at that level. Hmmm what a novel conclusion…

  26. Actually, it should be called "Death by American Corporate GREED". American companies are sending our jobs over there in droves to take advantage of the cheap labor there, and now they make this hit piece, blaming the Chinese? What a Joke. Yes, we have been sold out, but the Chinese are not the sellers, they are the buyers, and Wall St and the 1 percent are doing the selling. Enjoy Feudalism.

  27. I stopped watching this documentary after the first 90 seconds when it called China the worlds largest totalitarian nation. Really? You're going to open up with labeling? Sounds more like propaganda than education already.

  28. Cowards Death by China. Doesn't even allow people to comment on DBC TV Episode #4: Is The "Modi Effect" A Lot of Bull?, DBC TV Official Trailer, DBC TV #3: From Sarajevo to the Senkaku Islands — The Road to WWIII? and DBC TV #2: Don't Buy Made in China This Holiday Season. Even CNN allows me to say anything I want, this is the worst propaganda ever. 

  29. I'm sorry but i thought US IS FREE NATION, don't like to compete with others? Well go join North Korea then hypocrite !

  30. Patriots would have put there lives on the line to stop it, today our leaders and major EX-American companies have sold America out for the paper these TRUE patriots faces are on, We MUST demand they change the World Trade laws with China that we submitted to in 2001. They say don't buy made in China products, HA HA Good luck finding some and when you do most cant afford them, because the cost is so much higher. It's NOT our job to stop it at the register it is our elected officials JOBS to STOP them from being available at the registers. Harass YOUR elected officials to DO something. Or NOT, and don't be surprised when our Great Grandchildren don't know America because it is now Communist China.

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