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THE SILENCING Official Trailer (2020) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Crime Movie

First trailer for The Silencing starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.


  1. I'm a simple man. I see 'Saban Films' – I say 'Fuck that shit'.

  2. The Kingslayer is at it again

  3. Plot tiwst

    shot on iphone 8 plus.

  4. Olenna gets her revenge in this one

  5. hero do be the only reason i watch this movie x

  6. he will always be the king slayer!

  7. I think the hero needs to be…………. 'Black..disabled ..lesbian or even gender free, (actually a squirral, free rights for squirrels!) Oh & from Cornwall………………….did I miss any checkboxes!….YES im sarcastic I KNOW1

  8. Finally he’s in something big fan

  9. the film is racist. no black actors

  10. Woods and essays 500 navy seals…..

  11. Nikola is turning into a real Movie Star

  12. very true detective inspired…

  13. sup with the framerate on this?

  14. Money from shot caller is out on bail

  15. Omg it’s Jamie Fookin Lannister and Hardin Scott in one movie?!?! This can’t get any better!!!

  16. The sound mix is so bad. The dialogue is hard to hear.

  17. This 👆 tráiler is from a real movie?

  18. This is just offbrand Prisoners

  19. I know how this movie ends lel

  20. body cam looks good too. streaming now as well.

  21. streaming now… free sites..

  22. Look, it’s Joel from the last of us series!

  23. So it's Jamie Lannister and Grace Shelby from the peaky blinders. Nice.

  24. Trailer showed too much

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