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FIREWALL trailer

Firewall stars Harrison Ford as bank security expert Jack Stanfield, whose specialty is designing infallible theft-proof financial computer systems. But there’s a hidden vulnerability in the system he didn’t account for – himself. When a ruthless criminal mastermind (Paul Bettany) kidnaps his family, Jack is forced to find a flaw in his system and steal $100 million. With the lives of his wife and children at stake and under constant surveillance, he has only hours to find a loophole in the thief’s own impenetrable system of subterfuge and false identities to beat him at his own game.



  1. Wow Pat was right this movie is shit and how did they did Harrison Ford to do it?
    (I'm here thanks to Two Best Friends Play The Evil Within 2 (Part 31))

  2. well I saw the whole movie in this trailer

  3. bullshit spoiler trailer, stupid uploader 

  4. firewall is like your information in your computer …people can hack and they can do anythings to your computer ..

  5. I liked the film but missed the end.

  6. Harrison Ford – WHERE IS MY FAMILY!


  8. Harrison Ford really carest about his family.

  9. Wow that trailer really gave away the whole story!! Dont really feel like watching this movie anymore!!

  10. it looks like ransom meets inside man

  11. Nope. I like it too.

  12. Am I the only one who enjoyed this film?

  13. I think its a wall on fire.

  14. @sepsepsep12 eerily so, cant watch this….looks like garbage

  15. If you liked this movie, theres a new movie called "Trespass" with Nicholas Gage and Nicole Kidman thats very similar 🙂


  17. Harrison Ford is still able too fight…Even in his old-age!!!

  18. I'm sick and tired of trailers giving away the movies.

  19. who need guns when you have….A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!

  20. most predictable movie ever. also most boring one.
    though bettany was great. always a joy to see him as the bad ass. he should have won this.

  21. @TheKenfig meh, he kills someone with a pickaxe, it makes it good enough

  22. Well, the whole movie was really not bad – reminded me Ransom (1996) with Mel Gibson and Hostage (2005) with Bruce Willis but Harrison Ford wasn't as great as should've been. On the other hand, Virginia Madsen was really superb. Old age sucks

  23. They should of called the movie Proxy.

  24. Oh nice, a summary of the movie.

  25. harrison ford aint who he used to be

  26. @Morsine789 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ;-D

  27. Very realistic fight scene at the end of the movie.

  28. If only Steven Seagal was on this movie 🙂

    He would kill the kidnappers and rescue the family
    Harrison Ford can play a smart hero…but theres too much drama in all of this movies since INDIANA JONES AND STAR WARS 🙂

    so bring back Steven Seagal 🙂 hahaha . Hes a ass kicking anti bad guy hero who doesnt go into too much drama while trying to save the day !

  29. Brilliant Movie 🙂 Paul Bettany and Nikolai…what's his last name are in it! They are Fantastic!

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