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THE BOYS SEASON 2 SNEAK PEAK Trailer (2020) SuperHero Series

First trailer for THE BOYS Season 2 Sneak Peak.



  1. It's him. They're doing it differently, but he tanked that shit in a way only he can. It wouldn't make sense for it not to be him in the end. He could be in the suit because he's deformed and not "pretty enough" to be the face of The Seven which would drive him insane.

    I cannot wait.

  2. I'm so glad Black Noir didn't kill the kid.

  3. Black Noir is actually Bryan Cranston – not him playing a character – just him. Him in a suit.

  4. Homelanders hands down the best character he's really who we Wana see

  5. Black Noir is broken, not that in complaining

  6. "Terrorist Explodes"
    Black Noir: Tis but a scrath

  7. I really hope they shock us with Black Noir and not follow the comics way. Also, I find the ending hilarious lol

  8. I really wonder if they’ll go the Homelander clone route for Black Noir like the comics.

  9. Gustavo Fring is in this superhero satire?! Damn….Time to check out Season 1 before this new season drops!

  10. Black Noir don't have a problem with you what ever your doing keep on doing it

  11. Well… at least bomberman managed to injure Black Noir.

  12. Definetly more hyped for this than Last of us deux

  13. Can’t lie that was badass as fuck when he just stood there through the explosion

  14. First of all, this is so wrong on so many levels. They rlly made the only arab w/ a superpower the power to blow up like tf?

  15. https://youtu.be/TwH6xCSRFSA
    Alguien sabe si este 👆 tráiler es de una película real?

  16. A middle eastern dude, and his super power is to self-explode!!!!!
    The balls on this show/comic!!
    I love it!!!

  17. I love how nice Noir was to put the glass down after he killed that chick. Very classy

  18. CGI head was awful though 😛

  19. That spicy chicken cilantro wrap does sound good though…..

  20. So as trailers go, for the sake of hype, this one is really well done.

  21. Well, they needed to start building up Black Noir as a character.

  22. spoilers :Black Noire is Homelander's clone

  23. Can't wait for this! Hurry up September!

  24. So now that Bobby is here, are we also getting Sam and Dean, that will be truly diabolical.

  25. Hold uppp was that just… BOBBBY?

  26. Who plays the terrorist that caused the explosion before having his head cut off?

  27. Lástima que no esté subtitulada en español

  28. I'm glad we finally get to see why Black Noir is such a beast. He had some cool scenes in the first season but this was on another level.

  29. i thought this guy was supposed to be good.

  30. Well captain had a short reign as a supervillain.

  31. That was cool except I didn't think they'd show how the first freaking supervillain is gonna get wrecked.

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