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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2020 | Weekly #25

New movie trailers released in the past week

00:00 Train To Busan 2: Peninsula
01:51 Archive
03:48 We
05:29 The Nest
07:07 Retaliation
08:58 Most Wanted



  1. Twilight 3 . can’t wait

  2. when Seojun died in pt.1 so he won't be in pt.2 🙁

  3. I guess with the state of things it's to much to ask for possible release dates on any of these titles

  4. Looks like a good moving but it’s not English probably won’t be that good Lost my interest sub title movies are stupid

  5. Train to Busan 2 looks like it sold out to Hollywood. Money is the root of all evil.

  6. Why is everybody doing apocalyptic movies

  7. I’d honestly prefer to see what happened in the city around the same time of the first movie, or the origin of the virus. The second movie looked like a mix of Last of Us, Resident Evil, and Tokyo Drift.

  8. They all look so bad the sfx and stuff

  9. Train to Busan? a.k.a. Japanese World War Z?

  10. "New Movie Trailers 2020 for Movies That Won't Make it to the Theater"

  11. Who tf looks for money on a zombie apocalypse

  12. The room service at the Peninsula has really gone downhill 😀

  13. tired of zombie movies…so boring!!

  14. Damn im dissapointed in the train to busan sequel really?

  15. Is it Chinese, cause you zombies are looking Covid FINEteen.

    I'll see myself out ….

  16. Retaliation looks interesting

  17. All of these movies are giving 2020 ideas….I hate it

  18. So you think paper will be worth something in world of zombie ? The story maker doesn't understand what modern money is

  19. They really need to stop showing the near end scenes it makes the movie look generic

  20. I hate how almost every movie has to show the end of the movie like am i even supposed to watch the whole thing anymore knowing what will happen??

  21. I want real zombies. I think I can kill them all. 😜

  22. I was really hyped for Peninsula during the 20 first seconds of the trailer but then…
    I mean, you know.

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