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Heroes of the Storm: WP and Funny Moments #235

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00:00 – Intro
00:07 – Maiev and Cocoon
01:03 – aMEIzing compilation
03:56 – NOPE!
04:20 – Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
04:54 – Blind as mthrfckn Bat
Music (incompetech, youtube, epidemicsound):

ES_Love Skavoovie 1 – Per-Anders Nilsson
Tokyo Machine – ROCK IT [Monstercat Release] 99.9 / Eurobeat Remix
ES_Secure The Beat 1 – Andreas Jamsheree
ES_Action Hero 6
ES_Pure Gold 2
Outro – Neal Acree (World of Warcraft) – Nightsong

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  2. best episode of the series
    absolute fire….wait…

  3. 100% About 10% of views are mine because of Mei 🙂

  4. currently taking a break from HOTS, due to the OP of Mei and the lagging issues of the server.

  5. That's why Mei is so feared by 3/4 of players – cause of course its OP in Nexus too

  6. awesome job on this video! great editing <3

  7. Mob Psyho S2 music plus Jojo is a auto-win 😆

  8. Tactical Snowball Incoming!


  10. Mei's ult is stupid powerful though.

  11. Can Deathwing get caught up in Mei's snowball?

  12. change this ending shit! Please! Useless and dissapointin….

  13. Mei = Satan confirmed?

  14. give it another day of two and shes going to be called OP by everyone lol

  15. Спасибо за то, что все еще используешь "старую" музыку для монтажей. Вот бы еще пару выпусков с fat rat и свингом, как совсем в 2017ом

  16. I've yet to coordinate my Mei wall with any teams so far, even with premades, very little reason to pick it when avalanche does everything it does but better.

  17. me after watching video: Plays mei
    Also me: loses 6 games with mei

  18. only thing you need to do is stop the ball going thru gates since i can tell you people if your team dose not understand how Meis kit works she DOSE NOTHING had 4 amazing Avalanche hits in one game and not once did my team understand how it worked and it was pain

  19. That snowball ult is OP. Not telegraphed properly, casts quickly, very long range and able to pass through gates. Hey, Garrosh needs to be very close to the enemy AND to the gates to throw behind them. Artanis’s swap and Stitches’ hook don’t even pull behind the gates.

  20. it think mei is ok, she is like ETC or johanna, but what really anoyme is the snowball ult, that thing shoudnt pass structures or terraing

  21. i sent replay 3 days ago where is it 🙁

  22. Maiev: “Im not locked in here with you… You’re locked in here with me!”

  23. Mei is wombo combo maker

  24. OMG! I know they nerf Mei, but it was so cool!

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