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  1. What side of TikTok are you from? Comment for Alt TikTok

  2. Flying sharks wtf is this bullshit??!

  3. i want to get out of this cult of straight tiktok help

  4. 8:35 YuHhhHhH gEt iNtO iTtTtTt

  5. Knowone

    Absolutely knowone

    Tick Tok complaints in the middle of a pandemic: StaRduSt LeDssS

  6. None of these were funny

  7. Wifi Plug: Shows Stitch Me: bursts through wall- STITCH!

  8. I saw most of these yesterday

  9. lmao this isn't alt tiktok

  10. Hahaha…..haha….
    I don't get it…

  11. The first one kinda annoys me. People always get on to others for saying that gay people turned gay and weren’t born that way. But i guess you can turn straight girls gay ( I can understand if they were gay and didn’t know it but still)

  12. Can’t blame India for killing this shit if anything we should thank them

  13. 9:16 it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s new skin!

  14. 5:14 who else thought that was a road?

  15. I dont want your stardust ledsfor all i know it could have corona

  16. title: tiktoks that made ariana grande pull up her sleeves

  17. The phoqueing seals, I can't–

  18. 0:35 this is why we need to carry around m16s

  19. Nobody the girl at 13:35 u actually have a Louis vuttion house I don’t need a hand bag

  20. Dang. I wish Tik Toks has good music.

  21. fLyInG shArKs yall i-

  22. It’s craaazy how unfunny every single one of these videos were

  23. – Chest in bee beer –


    Not even the voice inside your head:

    Me: Chest in bee ber- JUSTIN BIEBER

  24. 11:19 who let carole baskin work at starbucks?

  25. 13:54
    yea your bird's just feeling the same way we are….isolated
    my bird does that he's old now tho so he's been doing it for quite
    a while.. he has never been out his cage….cuz my stupid relative lost
    the fricking key.. like, how you lose a key?? anyway yea that all i have to say

  26. That justin guy is a douchebag, 6:00 or something.

  27. Me not having TIKTOK but watching them on YouTube.

  28. ok but i still don’t know wtf ALT means

  29. Title idea: tik toks that ended the pandemic

  30. Check out this app you can post your videos here also and let others watch

  31. 16:57 OH MY GOD EMILY


  32. This isn’t a YouTube comment, it’s 26 Kirkland brand almonds!

  33. yes everyone fear the flying sharks

  34. Feminist when it's no yesmam meme: 3:19

  35. me:what does eiD spell?
    mom: what is it
    me:Die XD
    mom: 0-0

  36. TikToks so funny that they made me want to skip my online class

  37. 😂🤣🤣 3:00 is totally me!

  38. 9:14 when the game hasn't fully loaded yet

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