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  1. I'm sorry, but just… no

  2. "Royalty by day, hero by night? Pretty dope."

    Me, a lazy individual: What about sleeping???

  3. Well this looks half a step up from Kim Possible

  4. What a huge load of dog crap. This is an attempt, by leftist moron, and those who lose, to make anyone who comes in second, a winner.

  5. So cameo from prince Harry?

  6. Disney original suck, i rather (not) watch stolen idea claim it original movie

  7. Was that the x-men house 😂

  8. This looks like a youtube movie

  9. How this travesty got greenlit in a boardroom is beyond comprehension. RIP Disney and creativity.

  10. You know, it’s a cool idea, but with a horrible execution and casting. I’d say make it gentleman style

  11. Far to many grown men getting upset about a kids movie. Plus there's tiddies on show.

  12. This dumb concept could only of been written by people who live in a country without royalty.

  13. They never protected, they were blood suckers throughout the history.
    Is this a british propaganda or something ?

  14. You'll like my lame comment just like this trailer is lame.

  15. Hey, my six year old is gonna love it shrug so Im all for it.

  16. All of the resources, all of the companies, all of the wealth and this is watch Disney Plus come up with. This is an attempt at X-Men for under 12s

  17. I'm no psychologist, but I think the director and/or scrip-writer were second-born sons or daughters.

  18. Who paid for this. Lmfao Whoever it is, is going to have to do insurance fraud to get their money back

  19. Disney only know how to make movies with princesses and superheroes and this movie is both, Disney is running out of ideas

  20. Now you're just milking everything, we are not that dumb, come onnn!!

  21. So many cheesy shit coming out.

  22. Low budget, Low on Original content, Low on everything

  23. oh dear someone forgot to take thier meds and made this crap

  24. Ain't that the dude from pitch perfect

  25. great another rip off from x-men

  26. Errrr…..well…..at least the idea seems somewhat original. Someones trying really hard to conjour a new idea it seems…so credit where its due i guess, even if the film looks awful. I guess someone will be able to turn their brain off long enough to enjoy it.

  27. Second tier soy siblings.

  28. ¿Is royalty inmune to fire?

  29. Oh yea… I can call 911 using a microwave!

  30. When you tell a middle schooler to brainstorm

  31. Streams 4 days before my birthday, but this looks more like a Disney Channel Movie than a Disney+ movie. Isn’t Disney+ supposed to be high budget?

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