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Desperados III – Kate O'Hara Trailer

Kate grew up on the O’Hara family ranch in Colorado in the care of her Uncle Ian. She knows very little of her parents, a Derringer being her only memento of her mother. After the DeVitt company and the shady Flagstone mayor took her family ranch away from her, she starts taking things into her own hands (literally)…

Shoot it into your calendars, Desperados III will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 16th, 2020.

Website: https://desperadosgame.com/
Facebook: https://fb.com/desperadosgame/
Discord: https://discord.gg/desperados



  1. Wait no Switch version? Whaaaaat? But why?

  2. Nice Commandos Easter Egg hidden in her last name,So she is the mother of Jack O'Hara aka Green Berret after all 😀

  3. Game cannot come soon enough!

  4. Retarded music makes retarded trailers for zoomers, don't do it

  5. So…now Kate's master of lockpicking and not Doc?

  6. yea ok… pretty much sold at this point

  7. For anyone else wondering, the song in the trailer is Pittston Pistol by Kaleigh Baker.

  8. I played the first part long back…when i was in my 7th grade i believe…am happy to see 3rd iteration of desperados….i would love to try it….

  9. I played the first part long back…when i was in my 7th grade i believe…am happy to see 3rd iteration of desperados….i would love to try it….

  10. just played the demo, I never spent so much time on a demo before, can't wait till this game comes out

  11. Nice to see a real female back in games. Good design.

  12. We desperatly need this kind of female character to come back in video game! Thank you.

  13. Awesome how their little heart bubble gets visually broken 😀

  14. Tough and attractive than Aiko. I'm impatient for the game. Btw demo is nice

  15. Dafuq is that a B or a C-cup? Since you can make them bigger why not make them bigger? And aren't there any female enemies she can keen in the crotch, and kill?

  16. Mimimi, I love you! <3

  17. man you really censored her hardcore, her boobs are now super small and she hardly shows of any cleavage anymore compared to her old version.
    just another game getting ruined and censored by feminist.
    definitely will not buy it now

  18. Her dress looks pretty.

  19. I was going to buy myself RDR2 in June to test my new PC, but boi, I am picking other western game next month!

  20. One impressive presentation after another. Loving the hell out of its Graphics. I have only 1 request guys, I'm practically begging you. Please make female characters' body more shiny/ oily/ sweaty. It will look hot. Just like that 'wet effect' of 'Divinity Original Sin 2' or Saint Raw 4's oily skin. It will increase gameplay durability. I'm begging you guys, please 🙁

  21. Never played the originals. But played the demo on GOG. I freaking loved it. Super impressed with it on all fronts. The characters, diverse attacks and ways to tackle a situation, the music, the writing, the way the story is displayed. So good.

  22. IMHO That's why I liked the old concept with only Sam or Sanchez using gatlings because bloody mass kills is too much for Kate. And it started with a shotgun kill. Honestly, I see wrong concept after another wrong concept. Your gamedesigners are casuals. No offense. Two one-shot revolvers for Cooper, IMBA Hector, vodoo stuff for Isabelle… meh

  23. I love it. Mimimi studio is great

  24. A to złodziejka w sukience.

  25. The demo is free on gog, I am mind blown by everything about it, graphics, ui design, loading screen, settings…
    It runs so smoothly on my old hardware, I just love it…absolutely

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