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Attack on Titan Season 4 Trailer 4K English Sub (Final Season) – 進撃の巨人

Attack on Titan Final Season Trailer – Official PV English Sub – Eren, Mikasa, Captain Levi, and Armin return in the epic final season of the saga. The Attack on Titan Season 4 Trailer English Subs reveals Studio MAPPA will finish AOT Season 4 as Wit Studio will no longer be involved with Shingeki no Kyojin. 👇🏻 Uploading Daily! 👇🏻
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  1. 4K version available on desktop/PC!
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  2. Why did eren turn evil and human starts a fight

  3. if levi dies i will have a permanent grudge on isayama for the rest of my life. what happened to him was enough traumA. tOO DAMN CLOSE.

  4. They made the jump to NHK already with Season 3, so I wouldn’t worry about censorship at all.

  5. Imagine aot getting berserk 2016 treatment xD

  6. If i see another person say "Demon slayer has the best animation" i show them aot s4

  7. This Quality is giving me a boner

  8. I hope we won't get censored AOT Final season like seven deadly sins.

  9. I like it the art style look fine to me! I’m ready for the manga to come to life!! But seriously, I hope it’s not censored 😭

  10. The BGM in this trailer…….
    Goose bumps

  11. Noooo they changed Armin!!

  12. The walls may be dissolved 😂🤣😂😆😆 hahahah spoiler BUDDIES

  13. Do you guys think they just kind of blurred the face because they didn’t want to show you who it was?

  14. yes this animation is better,wit studio animation for me is so heavy and my eye strain from watching it for longer hours,its like more on cartoonish side,while this mama animation is very defined and has a thin outline and very classic anime feel to it i like it

  15. Like it or not i like the character designs espcially erens look.

  16. This animation is mind blown!! I loved it

  17. I bet this studio is gonna ruin attack on titan just like nanatsu no taizai, even the drawing of the characters is not good what the hell?, WIT Studio please come back, i think i'm gonna finish attack on titan the final season just from the manga, better than bad animation :(((

  18. Why does this one look better than the other uploads of the trailer?

  19. Studio MAPPA is the GOAT, they have done Dorohedoro early this year, and God of Highschool also Jujutsu Kaisen later on…
    Previously they also did Inuyashiki, Dororo, Banana Fish, Zombieland Saga, Yuri on Ice, Hajime no Ippo.
    I have faith on them for sure!!

  20. What happened to the animation? I thought I was watching a Video Game trailer

  21. "If You're Upset With The Character Designs, Then You Might As Well Be Upset With The Manga, Because Studio Mappa Is Being Very Faithful To The Character Designs Of The Manga."

    I mean you have a point… you might as well be happy what it gives you! 😄😁👍

  22. "Things Change."

    -Oppai Senpai

  23. "I Think I Understand You Now, You Wanted To Save The World. Right?"

    "Shut Up. Why Can't You Let Me Die?"

    I'm so hyped about the final season of Attack on Titan!! 😆👍

  24. I like how levi looks this season 😂

  25. Bruh this season is supposed to have gruesome scenes hopefully it’s not censored

  26. glad this is last season

  27. I hope there isn’t a lot of CG animation and stick to the traditional way of animating since season 3 part 2 did have some problems trying to animate the colossal titan.

  28. A lots gonna happen are we sure its all one season?

  29. Bro bro brooooo! You losing weight????

  30. I hope there isn’t a lot of CG animation and stick to the traditional way of animating since season 3 part 2 did have some problems trying to animate the colossal titan.

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