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#ALIVE Official Trailer (2020) Zombie Movie

First trailer for #ALIVE starring.



  1. Low budget Version of train to Busan..🤷

  2. Try reading Dead days manga seems like it was base on that comic🤔

  3. so….this is glen before he moved to america?

  4. Why United States just don't nuke em

  5. Seems like fast moving zombies are the rage these days.

  6. Wait tf up!?Is this the original or the copied version of "Alone 2020"????!

  7. Its from hollywood movie called Alone 2020

  8. why do I feel like I've seen and English trailer of this same kind of zombie movie. I just can't remember the title

  9. I need bf


  11. I saw one trailer months ago exactly like that and starer Tyler Posey…

  12. This looks like my kinda Zombie movie!!!! Looking forward to this movie 😀

  13. This might be interesting for a watch very hard to find a good zombie movie these days

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