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Top Gun 2: Maverick | TRAILER HD 2020


This is a NON-OFFICIAL trailer!!
This video was made for fun!
No copright infringements intended!

We do not claim any of the music used in this video!
We do not claim any of the images used in this video!
All rights reserved to the original owners.

♫♫Music: Take My Breath Away (COVER)
Official Jordan Barrios Music
♩♫ Dramatic Apocalyptic Music ♪♬ – The Wasteland (Copyright and Royalty Free)


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  1. We made this video just for fun! We decided to make a trailer for the sequel of Top Gun as part of a project for school. We didn't do this for the views or wathever. It's just a video we wanted to make, so please no hate 🙄

  2. These are some film lurking Behind Enemy Lines movie

  3. Well since it's fan made and for school then good job editing!!

  4. There actually is a sequel Top Gun: Maverick 7/12/19 google it

  5. it's not Top Gun 2, it's a mix between some movies like Independance Day 2 etc… remove this f**** video because it's a lie !

  6. Wait this aint the real one

  7. That shits form American sniper

  8. It's very good but please put [FAN MADE] on the title.

  9. มั่วและ จับเอาหนังหลายๆเรื่องมาผสมกันเฉยเลย

  10. y'all do know this is from behind enemy lines

  11. Amazing trailer! I hope they make the second movie, I really love the first one. I've seen it like 3 times

  12. At least say it's fan made in the title, unicorn.

  13. I hope they don't make the sequel, I mean everybody is hyped. But it will simply ruin the original name, just like all the reboots did, lately the Ghostbusters reboot.
    Look, what made Top Gun so freaking awesome were all the things that came together.
    For example: 80s atmosphere, 80s music, Old school fighters like F-14. All of that and a lot of fluke (just the right actors, best director Tony Scott, who passed away)
    I guarantee you to chop my arm off that the next Top Gun would be nothing but a total dissapointment. No matter how hard they try. It would never fullfill our expectations.
    The Top Gun days are sadly gone…


  15. UGLY MOVIE….. much better TOP GUN 1986

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