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Super Mario 64 Odyssey – Soundtrack

Get the game from the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAFxi6nuD80
It’s real fun, I promise!
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  1. Jump up super star just feels so right in my ears.

  2. Can add some fog to the next hacks you make because when you don’t it causes extreme lag for Android versions

  3. Can there ever be bad remix of Fossil Falls, like in all siriousness this is godly

  4. I have an idea for a rom hack Super mario Strikers 64

  5. mario odyssey 64 slides by the tongue nicely compared mario 64 odyssey… nice soundtrack tho !

  6. Jump Up Superstar is even better than the original

  7. I'm wondering, would Super Mario Galaxy 64 be feasible?

  8. Make Releasio 4 an OOT romhack where every texture is replaced with Tingle's face.

  9. thanks kaze for allowing one sided cappy wall jump climb on this ROM hack

  10. These are really well done tracks. They match the 64’s styles, and they are really nice mixes to listen too also. Nice job!

  11. wen is the missing link coming out?

  12. i hope someone port his hacks to the pc port

  13. This right here is currently the most recent video, so I will ask this here:

    Is there a package of all downloadable N64 mods this genius has made so far?
    Also a list of which ones are compatible with original hardware and which ones are not would be really great.

    Can someone help me?

  14. How about you finish the missing link you prick

  15. Can I use your sm64 textures for sn64 hd

  16. I would say that there's 69 comments, but now that I'm the 70th comment, there's no longer 69 comments 🙁

  17. there is any form to put original high quality ost?

  18. The 4 dislikers are the nintendo ppl who think kaze his ost is better but the boss said dislike him

    Keep going kaze👍

  19. So um… I reckon New Donk City didn't make it into the hack?

  20. I was introduced to you by Nathaniel Bandy & Bathaniel Nandy!

  21. I finally got my Mario odyssey 64

  22. Jump Up Super Star starts at 20:17
    Mario Odyssey released in 2017.

    Was that on purpose?

  23. Wasn't a huge fan of the hack, but I really liked the airship music, really felt like you were going on a long, exciting adventure. I really liked the final boss design too.

  24. Sounds really good. The soundfont reminds me of OSRS

  25. i hate it when long music compilation/videos don't have time stamps from the uploader!!!!

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