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Tenet Trailer 2 Views, Scoob Digital Revenue, NBA 2020 Season ESPN Wide World of Sports

Tenet Trailer 2 views low? Scoob Digital Release Revenue? NBA 2020 Season at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports? Hollywood vs Coronavirus today!

What to Watch today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction and breakdown of the top ten on Apple TV aka iTunes, Disney Plus and Netflix! Also are the views for Tenet Trailer 2 low?! Why hasn’t Warner Bros released the ratings & revenue for Scoob’s Digital Release? And NBA 2020 Season looks to be an exclusive to Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports! Plus what new streaming movies & tv shows are coming up, like Netflix’s Space Force! Share your own reaction and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Scoob Numbers – 00:00
Movie Theaters Reopen Update – 4:58
Tenet Trailer Views – 6:40
Disney & NBA – 9:09
iTunes – 10:58
Disney Plus – 11:48
Netflix – 12:52
This Coming Week – 13:39

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  1. Main thing I want to watch this week, Launch America, SpaceX launching Astronauts for the first time, should be an exciting live stream.

  2. Scoob is still not available in the uk. Any idea why? Can’t find anything online about a uk release date

  3. hyped for Central Park, The Hunt and Space Force!!

  4. More people need to watch THE LAST KINGDOM! It's basically like Vikings, but a better version IMO. If you like Vikings or Game Of Thrones, check this show out! It filled that gap after those shows ended for me.

  5. I am a Scooby Doo addict and SCOOB! Looks like trash. Longtime fans ignored it.

  6. I think Scoob made A LOT of money, but Warner Brothers doesn't want to say antyhing to theatres because they have Tenet still opening in theatres soon and they don't want to anger them.

  7. The PR of having the NBA on Disney's complex will be nuts, with all the hype and build up of basketball fans eager for a return. Scarlett Johannsen will sing the national anthem with Mulan themed courts.

  8. Re-watching Cobra Kai wishing they would release season 3 already, looking forward to Space Force though in the meantime.

  9. please include amazon prime video

  10. Vegas wants the NBA so they can host a team in the near future.

  11. Damn Jumanji still so high on the list

  12. I got Scoob and it was great.

  13. I can say beaches, restaurants even Ross department store are crowded here in Florida. And maybe a one out of four people are wearing masks

  14. Essentially, TENET does look like a movie that relies more on a "gimmick" than on character or story and one that if you intercut it with scenes from INCEPTION, it would be hard to tell those movies apart. It actually feels like a step down from the ambition of INTERSTELLAR (somewhat flawed) and DUNKIRK (very successful in story and production).
    In the end, the emotional stakes of INCEPTION really didn't land because, quite intentionally, it's a movie where "it's all a dream," and TENET looks like one of the dreams within dreams inside that movie.

  15. David Washington doesn't have the suave or charm of a leading man. He is awkward in his movements and line delivery. This is what irked me.

  16. How would they have movies in theaters now anyway?

  17. If I am interested in watching a movie, I will watch one trailer, usually the first real trailer. I don't want movies spoiled by the trailer editors who act like trailers are cliff notes of movies. Additionally, I don't watch or read any movie review of a movie I am interested in until after I have seen it. Re Tenet, it is not on my interest list.

  18. from the way she talks, this lady proves Americans are still carrying the genes of their ancestors cowboys

  19. i just hope tenet performs well!
    very excited to see robert in something new and recent

  20. I just don't care about Tenet. I'm pretty tired of Nolan's time bullshit.

  21. Planning to check out Snowpiercer

  22. I'm seldom excited for final trailers. It's very often the same footage from all the previous trailers, sneak peaks, extended trailers, ect

  23. Please improve your audio.

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