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TELL ME WHY? Teaser Trailer (2020) Thriller

TELL ME WHY Teaser Trailer.
TELL ME WHY? is a drama thriller about a teen, Molly, who finds herself in a competitive performing arts school as a scholarship girl, due to her Dad dying and leaving the family in debt. She is talented and pretty, and engenders jealousy as the popular boy in their year takes fancy to her over the Queen Bee of her group.

Her Mother has gone into a decline after losing her husband and finding herself living in a small, cramped house and having to work in pub, but she turns to drink and drugs as well a men to drown her sorrows, neglecting her family and in particular her younger daughter, Caz, who has mutism as a result of her Dad dying.

Molly is socially, cyber and physically bullied by girls who were her friends, attacked, drugged and raped by the same man who has drug raped her Mother and tries to commit suicide. And then the queen bee bully realises she is in love with Molly, but Molly isn’t ready for a gay relationship as well as everything else.

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  1. There's no question mark in 'Tell Me Why'. It's a statement, not a question ('Tell me, why?' would use a question mark). Not a good sign that nobody noticed!

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