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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Full Soundtrack

I do not own any of this. All rights go to Nintendo. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

Composed by Hitomi Sato and Junichi Masuda

Never played too much of this game myself, but I love the relaxed and mellow feel to a lot of the songs.



  1. you left go ichinose out of the description who composed like half the music

  2. Honestly I played gen one and two. They were really good. But this game just had a darker theme to it which is why I love this game. I wish I liked the new games as much as I did with the older generations.

  3. My first Pokemon game, and still the best one! The nostalgia hits badly…

  4. I still like the old pokémon better

  5. everything in this game was so jazzy.. i love it

  6. I've always preferred the pianos of Sinnoh to the trumpets of Hoenn

  7. Anyone else agree that the old chateau is the creepiest music in the whole series?

  8. Who loved the Sinnoh region?

  9. It would be nice if it told you where you were or what you were doing in the game at each different tune, like "riding bike" or "caught a Pokemon" or "a pokemon leveled up" or "in Hearthome" or "at Lake Verity" or "inside Mt. Coronet" or "Boss Battle" or "Galactic HQ" or anything!

  10. You know what would make this the best thing ever? Showing the Poketch app of the map of Sinnoh, with the little square that is you moving around on it with the music in the appropriate places and the screen turning black when you're going into a battle. Now that WOULD be awesome! 🙂 Except that you don't get the Poketch till after the entire beginning… so I don't know how someone would make a video like that… 🙁

  11. From the very first second… WHOA… this brings back the entire game……!

  12. 1) 0:00-Opening Demo
    2) 2:05-Opening
    3) 3:18-After That Red Gyarados
    4) 3:39-Twinleaf Town(Day)
    5) 5:00-Rival
    6) 5:36-Route 201(Day)
    7) 6:13-Lake
    8) 7:26-A Happening at the Lake
    9) 7:45-Battle Wild Pokémon
    10) 9:02-Victory Against Wild Pokémon
    11) 9:19-Hikari
    12) 10:14-Sandgem Town(Day)
    13) 11:13-Research Lab
    14) 12:26-Come On
    15) 12:54-Pokémon Center(Day)
    16) 13:42-Battle Trainer
    17) 15:47-Jubilife City(Day)
    18) 16:38-Pokémart
    19) 17:31-Route 203(Day)
    20) 19:03-Battle Rival
    21) 20:14-Oreburgh Gate
    22) 21:41-Oreburgh City(Day)
    23) 22:30-Oreburgh Mine
    24) 24:05-Gym
    25) 25:10-Battle Gym Leader
    26) 26:48-Victory Against Gym Leader
    27) 27:38-Route 205(Day)
    28) 28:32-Enter Team Galactic
    29) 28:58-Battle Team Galactic
    30) 30:16-Eterna Forest
    31) 31:39-Eterna City(Day)
    32) 33:20-Galactic's Hakutai Building
    33) 33:59-Battle Team Galactic Admin
    34) 35:15-Victory Against Team Galactic
    35) 35:34-Evolution
    36) 36:05-Bike
    37) 37:22-Route 206(Day)
    38) 38:11-Hearthome City(Day)
    39) 39:19-Route 209(Day)
    40) 40:42-Pastoria City(Day)
    41) 41:39-Route 210
    42) 42:57-Veilstone City(Day)
    43) 44:24-The Town of Lake Aspiration(Day)
    44) 45:54-Canalave City
    45) 47:15-Route 216(Day)
    46) 49:05-Snowpoint City(Day)
    47) 51:01-Team Galactic Hideout
    48) 52:02-Battle The Boss of Team Galactic
    49) 54:17-Deep Within the Hideout
    50) 54:50-Mt. Tenga
    51) 56:21-Spear Pillar
    52) 57:10-Enter Legendary Pokémon
    53) 57:48-Cataclysm
    54) 58:27-Battle Dialga & Palkia
    55) 1:01:07-Sunyshore City(Day)
    56) 1:02:36-Champions' Road
    57) 1:03:12-Pokémon League(Day)
    58) 1:04:35-Fight Area(Day)
    59) 1:05:43-Route 225(Day)
    60) 1:07:04-Route 228(Day)
    61) 1:08:18-Jubilife City(Night)
    62) 1:09:10-Television Channel
    63) 1:10:16-GTS
    64) 1:11:04-Surf
    65) 1:12:32-Underground Tunnel
    66) 1:13:57-Taking an Underground Flag
    67) 1:14:54-Old Chateau
    68) 1:16:42-Great Swamp
    69) 1:17:41-Game Corner
    70) 1:19:06-Crater of the Lake
    71) 1:20:16-Battle Yuxie, Emurit, & Agnome
    72) 1:22:12-Discovery with the Poketore
    73) 1:22:37-Meeting Plaza
    74) 1:23:37-Contest Hall
    75) 1:24:12-Pofin
    76) 1:24:48-Super Contest
    77) 1:25:43-Contest Dress-up
    78) 1:26:44-Dance-Easy
    79) 1:28:07-Dance-Hard
    80) 1:29:30-The Town of Lake Aspiration(Night)
    81) 1:31:00-Battle Tower
    82) 1:32:06-Hard Mountain
    83) 1:33:22-Battle Legendary Pokémon
    84) 1:34:30-Mystery Gift
    85) 1:34:50-Decisive Battle Pokémon League
    86) 1:36:12-Enter Elite Four
    87) 1:36:36-Battle Elite Four
    88) 1:38:14-Victory Against Elite Four
    89) 1:38:34-Champion-Shirona
    90) 1:39:19-Battle Champion
    91) 1:40:50-Victory Against Champion
    92) 1:41:31-Hall of Fame
    93) 1:42:45-Congratulations on Your Induction into the Hall of Fame
    94) 1:43:33-Ending

  13. Imagine. 1:20:16. Remixed in a Sinnoh remake.

  14. this was my last stop…. so sad… omg… after my mother "robbed" my DIAMOND full of pokemons from Ruby, Sapphire, leaf green, flame red, emerald and pearl. yes i caught them all. and my mother fucking gifted my DIAMOND to my 3 years old cousin…. goddamn it

  15. My Pearl and DS both died in the worst way…my DS ruined the cartridges of almost all of my games, making them unreadable. But, the occasional once-per-year chance I would get from trying to get it to read and when it would finally read, it was such a miracle and I was the happiest person ever!

  16. i need a way to actually download the music ;(

  17. 30:15 probably the most nostalgic song for me
    Edit: Or maybe 1:21:31
    Edit: Or maybe all of them

  18. my gosh i love this game.

  19. my first pokemon game,god,the nostalgia just kicked in 0:22,prepare for impact!

  20. who knew listening to this could bring tears to my eyes? I never realized how attached to these games I must really be, I miss them so much.

  21. Thumbs up if you listened 100% beginning to end.

  22. Taking me through my sinnoh adventure one track at a time 

  23. dialga <3 best legendary with rayquaza and lugia

  24. First game was Platinum, OH NOW I REGRET THROWING AWAY MY OLD DS. D:

    Well, thank god for the 3ds, but I deleted my save. D:

  25. I love this soundtrack! It was the first pokemon game the I truly played. Good memories, good memories…

  26. Yep. After going over all the soundtracks, I guess this one is my favourite.

  27. Favorite gen, one of my first pokemon games :3

  28. Pokemon perl : 427h game time 🙂

  29. First game was Pokemon Pearl version. ;u; I miss it so much (it was stolen). But oh, the memories!!

  30. In my opinion, the DPPT games are the best and always will be.
    Screw you Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Unova and Kalos.
    ORAS? I don't give two craps.

  31. ah how i love 64 bit music and also… MEMORIES! XD 

  32. I lost my Diamond about 5 years ago. It was my first pokemon game so… 🙁

  33. Diamond first pokemon game, 400+ hours but I lost it when I was 12

  34. This makes me want to play it soo bad, but I lost this game last summer

  35. 5:38 best song in the came catchy as fuck

  36. team galactic were the best evil team.

  37. Sinnoh is my favorite out of all of them!

  38. childhood feels are making me cry

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