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MK11 : NEW Story Trailer (New Scenes)

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath – The Story According to Johnny Cage
New Story Mode



  1. Anyone else hate Kronikas face?

  2. Batman: I am Batman

    Iron man: I am Iron man

    Johnny Cage: Johnny cage is johnny cage

  3. I just hope they fix or at the very least justify the Sindel retcon.

  4. When does this movie come out?

  5. Jax is going to have his soul taken

  6. You telling me that Johnny Cage is playing Johnny Cage? I did NOT see that coming. 😂

  7. Without the crown? Um he did before in the game?

  8. I feel like we're going to be let down by the story. And the story isn't going to change or add anything

  9. Geras came back in the intro dialogue with Scorpion when he says "I became food for a passing leviathan"

  10. Bruh I dont care about any of this, just fix Shao Khan

  11. Johnny Cage puts off a good commentary but we should have an overview by other characters. Like Jax, Scorpion, Shang Tsung, Kitana, or even Lightning Fire God Liu Kang

  12. Lol @ “Goodnight Gracie”; Johnny Cage as Jack Burton.

  13. they should put him back in Mortal Kombat

  14. I'm still incredibly pissed that they made katana killed shao Khan for no reason, other than "sHe StRoNg WoMaN"

  15. Johnny cage is johnny cage that makes no sense

  16. I personally think the dlc could’ve been bigger if they were gonna add all this.

  17. Honestly can’t wait till you drop the combo video for Fujin it’s going to be epic

  18. Johnny cage is my favorite character, but Dad Johnny for me is by far the superior version.

  19. Plot twist: Shang is actually the good guy in this. Nobody would see that coming.

  20. Im sensing shinnoks enevitable rise again.

  21. Johnny Cage is Johnny Cage in: Aftermath. I'd watch it if was real movie.

  22. Кейдж самый крутой персонаж в Мортал комбат и я надеюсь 🤞 что он появится в новой эре!!!!!!!!

  23. 3d era chachters coming please

  24. I love that Johnny is the story teller
    This is good
    So so so good

  25. This mean 3d era chachter coming

  26. johny cage revealed to be a god, showing his omnipotence and omni presence on his universe

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