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Funniest Lele Pons Vine Compilation 2016 | *NEW* Lele Pons Vines

Lele Pons Vine Compilation 2016. New Lele Pons Vines.

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  1. twan: lele look! I found a cat.
    lele: twan that's a tiger.
    twan: but it's so cute! this would absolutely be a convo between me and my boyfriend, only I would be the one with the tiger!

  2. Wtf the screen is blank

  3. since im in ontario and im moving to montreal im gonna be ending school at 16 and not 17 so at 18.05 is sooooo me and my clas XD ps.how do you put a time down so people can go to taht time im stupid d:

  4. same with my school principle my teacher be like u dont interupt and with my principle
    teacher/ok guys say hi

  5. omg funny? lele pons is not funny

  6. 14:49 me when the teacher is giving piles of homework when it wasn't quarantine who can relate 😂

  7. 1:03 lyrics to dis song

    ’salsa cookies’

    ’give me cookies’

    There you have it kiddies enjoy!



  9. Steve messed up big time😂😂

  10. Are you and Tuan brother and sister

  11. Gash darnet I'm so late😑😕

  12. How do you get to this level of shit I didn't laugh at all please just quit the only people that would laugh at this is for fetuses like fuck me man

  13. Now That I Realized That I Can't Heart The Video 😐

  14. An the winner issssssss COMOBIA
    I apologize
    Me:aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh hahahahaha you will never beat the beauty of Filipinos and africans

  15. I like how they said you want tecilla they infroze

  16. I wish it was that easy to get my sister to cuss

  17. I wonder how much bruises she jas😬😬😕😯

  18. LelePons isn't funny at all though. Like… not even remotely

  19. Lele l want to be an actres

  20. I see gres dancing
    and i like it to 😘👍💖💋💗💖💞💘❤💛💓💕

  21. I hope you feel better 😂🤷‍♀️

  22. I’m the friend who stays up all the time

  23. If you pause at 3:12is he Steve from stranger things or am I tripping

  24. 6:02 that's me when no one answers my calls XD

  25. When someone come in the bathroom when I’m showering

    Me: hits them in then in the plunger

  26. she so damn tall im so damn short

  27. The baby happened to me because my aunt cussed around my baby cousin and she said It

  28. Some people during puberty 🤬😡

  29. lele does crazy things and does not break a single bone me:pLz TeAcH mE yOuR jUtSu(naruto meme but with lele)

  30. 13:59 omg pleasee tell me the songs name

  31. 1: I love your vines 2: how many bruises do u have and are u ok

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