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Les Misérables Soundtrack – In My Life A Heart Full of Love OST – Amanda Seyfried, Eddie R

Les Misérables Soundtrack – In My Life A Heart Full of Love OST – Amanda Seyfried, Eddie R



  1. When done right, Marius/Cosette <3 is one of my favorite couples in musical history. My top couple being Raoul/Christine <3

  2. I am very confused but isn't this about Les Mis not Twilight t???

  3. I realise you may have a lot of negative replies to this comment. I assume you're read Meyer's books and may I suggest you read Les Mis as well? It's a good read and I think it may influence your opinion once you know what us Les Mis fans are going on about. If you're not interested that's fine too, but may I suggest presenting your opinion less offensively to avoid more flames?

  4. 1:35-1:37, LOL He is doing math ^^

  5. This has got to be the deepest, even if it is ridiculous, literary analysis of Twilight anyone has ever given. "teen agers"

  6. Agreed. It would have been insulting to have someone like Taylor Swift in this musical! As sad as the Eponine character was, she was NOT whiny. And if she did die, it was not in vain, or for a selfish reason.

  7. I think the casting was perfect barks and Eddie and all, there was extensive casting and they got the best people

  8. I'm was so happy when I found out I could reach that high note…….. hahahaha

  9. How about her voice is all wrong for the part? I'm glad we have Samantha Barks instead.

  10. i really hope this is sarcastic..

  11. You must be a troll, no one can be that stupid.

  12. She can't sing or act. That's whats wrong with her playing Eponine.

  13. Taylor Swift is not an actress. Get over it.

  14. Are you dense or something?? Everything.

  15. I really like Taylor Swift, but I agree that Samantha is a perfect Eponine and if it was Taylor that was her…. I don't know what I'd do.

  16. In my opinion, Eddie was a very poor Marius, they could've done better :/

  17. I could never agree more than from what you just said.

  18. that was pretty offensive.

  19. Taylor Swift wouldn't be able to portray the part of Eponine in a way to show how much she loved Marius even though she knew he would never love her back. Taylor has never experienced or known something like that and therefore wouldn't be able to show that in her version of the character. Also, Eponine was pretty much alone in the world with no one to turn to since her parents didn't even care about her. Taylor wouldn't be able to do that. Samantha Barks portrays that and does it well.

  20. And what would've been wrong with Taylor Swift being the part of Eponine?

  21. What the fuck? Are you actually comparing Victor Hugo and Stephenie Meyer..comparing TWILIGHT to LES MISERABLES…that is just insane. I have no words… Les Miserables is one of the best books of all time, and it illustrates the french revolution, and how people actually lived.. Twilight isn't bad, but it can't be compared to Les miserables..

  22. Yeah Les Mis do nothing but singing……SO?
    Twilight is so unrealistic, and it won't ever happen in real life.

  23. Bella had a weird childhood. Cosette was abused by the Thenardiers. By the time Valjean saw her, she ate with the cats and dogs and played with lead knives. After he adopted her, she was overprotected.

    Jacob is poor. Eponine steals and sells herself so she can eat. Marius doesn't love her back, and she dies for him.

    Edward watches all his friends die? Marius watches all his friends die at the barricade. There's a song about it. Maybe listen to it and rethink things.

  24. You post things like this at like every Les Mis video.
    Les Mis is way better than Twilight, face it.
    Don't you have a life or something, posting things like this everywhere?

  25. I was surprised that Amanda could hit such high notes

  26. I feel like they should have had a larger orchestra, but overall I do really like this version of the song.

  27. My favorite … heart full of love♡

  28. You missed my point. I'm not confusing Swift with Seyfried. What I meant is that Taylor Swift was considered for Eponine.

  29. Actually, in the book, Cosette and Marius date for SEVERAL months before they fell in love. It isn't Cosette's fault that Marius chose her. I feel for Eponine, I really do, but it just wasn't meant to be.

  30. What the hell is wrong with you?

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  32. i LOVE eponine too. i hate cosette. cosettes been handed EVERYTHING in her life now EVEN MARIUS (he took one look and loved her, without knowing her name or personality or anything) whereas eponine and him had chemistry.

  33. Cosette's high note at the end NEVER fails to give me chills. It took my breath away when I saw it in theaters. Hell, it took everybody's breath away, when she hit that note everyone in the place sat up just a little higher and there was an audible gasp. Ugh, SO GORGEOUS!

  34. um taylor swift was supposed to play the part of eponine.

  35. My heart just kind of melts at 2:57…such great harmony between these three voices!

  36. Her name is Amanda Seyfried, not Taylor Swift.
    I like Samantha Barks but seriously …

  37. How about we stop arguing about Twilight and enjoy this beautiful song? Everyone has opinions, it doesn't mean they are right or wrong. If someone wants to think something, let them.

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