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Betty (2020): Official Trailer | HBO

“It’s called being down for my girls.”
Betty premieres May 1st at 11PM on HBO. #HBO #BettyHBO
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Betty (2020): Official Trailer | HBO



  1. yes yes finally a down too earth show about people who trying to find out who they are in the world and what their purpose in life is without any political correctness untfilter raw truth

  2. I love this tv show, the soundtrack it is great, anyone knows where can I find it?


  4. Is hbo the one that makes shows with alot of anti black undertones? The one that was going to make a show with the GoT crew about how the world would be better if blacks remained slaves? What happened to that show, thought it was coming out this yr?

  5. i can't belive my girls from skate Kitchen are doing a tv show OMG I LOVEEEEDDDD

  6. this show is immaculate, watch it NOW

  7. I wonder when they start bashing men?

  8. I’ll watch this because there’s dark skin representation. hopefully they portray her well

  9. 1:53 song?!??!?? Helppppppp btw: it's looks gooddddd

  10. I dont have HBO, is there another way i can watch it ??

  11. Wow this is so beautiful and diverse! I just hope its woke enough

  12. I could see princess Nokia cameoing in this

  13. For a second i thought it was jojo siwa 1:49

  14. This show is terrible. Hopefully it gets cancelled. Which I’m sure it will

  15. The old man that said I love you is so cute

  16. Flashbacks to when I grew up in the mid 80’s and there were no skateparks, just dried out pools or small dried out levees to skate on. and you can buy a thrasher magazine for like $2 at the local Long’s or Thrifty’s drug store. It was cheap cuz thrasher back then was new and underground. And my favorite skater was Christian Hosoi cuz for a 14 year old girl at the time , he was inspiring.. ok let’s face it.. he was also cute.. and there definitely wasn’t any girl skaters to look up to. But kids, you’re parents were still OG

  17. Another LGBTQ agenda. CW and now HBO. Lost world indeed

  18. More woke trash. Ugh

  19. This show is really chill, but I spend most of it being like “is this what’s happening in New York? How old are these children?” These are the questions I demand be answered

  20. Wait, wasn’t this a movie? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  21. this is all I’ve ever wanted to see before my whole life.

  22. Aaah I'm so excited!! I loved Skate Kitchen glad this exists!!

  23. HBO now has a new name for me "Disgusting TV". I will boycott this station forever for moral reasons. Many will see it that way soon 😏

  24. would this be a follow up to skate kitchen by chance?

  25. First episode was cool….ended really fast tho. Second episode alot duller….also ended really fast. The 30 minute thing isn't working well….i guess its more like 20-25 mins really given u have ads at the start. The episodes should be 40-60 mins like normal hbo programming. It's just meh so far overall, hopefully it picks up next episode. One of the other problems is theres nothign else to watch on HBO. And u make us wait till 11:00pm for the new episodes of all ur currently airing shows. Which makes NOOOOOO sense! u literally have the same no name doc trash u'd have on a 2pm airing right up till 11pm.

  26. did this get reuploaded with different jams?

  27. So colorful…I like that.

  28. HBO is taking a page out of Netflix's book of compelling character development.

  29. I thought this would be on Netflix lol HBO trying to be relevant okay lul. Either way, I'm down for interracial feminism representation with a dash of teenage angst

  30. Skating is trendy now. That's made it dumb. I'm quiting skating

  31. Gosh this is so familiar. This feels like me and my old friends.

    Except I can’t skate

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