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Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #337

This is episode #337 of our Apex Legends WTF & funny moments series.

の最高の瞬間 Apex Legends.

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  1. ➡️ Got a clip? Submit it here to be featured: https://www.topapexplays.com/submit
    👾Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/2JfEmgj

  2. someon maby want take me song 10:10 😀

  3. The bunker in slum lakes reminds me of where young blood hound killed the giant monster

  4. did anyone else recently find these videos and now they’re addictive

  5. Idk why but whenever Im in bunker my wifi drops

  6. 9 minutes and 32 seconds of the anchor is plug-in

  7. The bunkers are definitely saved for the next couple of artifact recovery missions

  8. 3:03, l never new the wing man got a buff ?, heavy ammo just gravitates towards it.

  9. now,they have to nerf mirage

  10. 5:46 the charge tower place was in the gallery of pictures in the apex legends start up screen

  11. The first clip wasnt even that cool

  12. Actually there's already a secret way to open them if you activate 5 charge towers it'll open

  13. These bunkers better be big enough to fight in. The surface of the map is too small and third parties are outrageous now

  14. May pinoy sa clif 'nc putangina' ndinig ko

  15. Thank you so much 🙏🏼 I'm at 8:00 😄

  16. What is the name to the song of intro?

  17. The 2nd clip is not important, why tf u put it in??

  18. That part where 4 squads jump into the last level of the map closing in…. intense!

  19. What kind of darksouls is this?

  20. Mirage is so buffed right now even Loba couldn't resist spreading her legs 🤣 1:14

  21. 5:34 That Wattson deadly jump😭😂

  22. Like y comenta si hablas español

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