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  1. The video makes me so happy yo


  3. patrick is the least awkward when he’s around pete

  4. 1:32
    Pete and partick are laughing and joking and joe and Andy are like guys shut up

  5. 8:00
    Joe: I watch everyone while they're sleeping

    Me: BE CAREFUL MAKING WISHES IN THE bangs head on wall twice DARK DARK

  6. 1:42
    Patrick is so cute, oh my god.
    I'm more a stan of Patrick and Andy, but all of them make me really happy. 🙂

  7. The most adorable person in the world (Patrick Stump) in a Fedora, glasses and a leather jacket… FEDORABLE!!!
    How can someone be so adorable, funny and serious at the same time?
    I’m calling it the Stump Effect
    Also Pete is one of the funniest dudes to walk the universe, not the earth because that is not big enough for his greatness (and Patrick’s)!

  8. patrick is so innocent. everyone is doused in tattoos… then theres patrick. with his baby soft skin :3

  9. 4:58 I love how Joe, Andy and Patrick are chilling and Pete is on the edge of the sofa XD

  10. 4:44
    * Pete Joe and Patrick talking and laughing *
    * Andy sitting awkwardly *

  11. Patrick's thoughts on 3:17

    The Fedora doesn't even fit him

  12. 1:25 they are such dads I love them so much.

  13. "Juice man!"
    Andy- shakes bottle

  14. 1:27 i love how Joe and Andy are just looking out the window

  15. 4:00
    For some reason I just love how Joe Pete and Andy are all covered in tattoos then there’s Patrick in the middle with just no tattoos 😂💕

  16. Joe stole that interview at 6:25 😂

  17. 1:57 Patrick…. how are you wearing your headphones??

  18. sometimes i look at Patrick and think, he acts and looks so young! its no wonder why people mistake him for a teenager . But then i remember that he once said "Memed it" and hes back to being a dad

  19. I'm sorry but everytime I hear "there's a room in a hotel in new York city that shares our fate and deserves our pity" I always hear "there's a room in a hotel in new York city the chairs are fake and deserves our pity"

  20. Honestly, the AB/AP era is my favorite FOB era next to the Save Rock and Roll era or the Infinity On High era.

  21. Thanks Andy > thanks pete, now.

  22. "You can't open anything without touching sweaty underwear.*laughs*". That's lovely Pete

  23. Patrick is too pure for this world

  24. is no one gonna talk about


  25. What was the song at the very end of the vid?

  26. They introduced thereselves
    Patrick:oh! And were fall out boy Sorry I forgot

  27. "The scrotum rattling bass"

  28. “Whoa, where did the fedora go?”

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