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  1. She might be using a smartphone and be a whiz on the interwebz, but OMG, what decade is this tosh meant to be set in, the 1950s? Washington State in the Fall looks lovely, as does the unbelievably proportioned lakeside family home, but what the? Hopefully, this wishful thinking will connect with an audience so jaded and so desperate they'll lap up this throwback to a simpler time, but one without all that unpleasant racism.

  2. This must be Hallmark. 🤷‍♂️ 🙄 . Let me guess, streaming Christmas 2020?

  3. Failing inn love rebooted 😁

  4. The guy looks almost exactly like Christopher Reeves.

  5. why does everything in it looks so… awkward…

  6. I love 3 minute movies…🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. Oh the typical "We're JUST friends" response…🙄

  8. Netflix literally just made this movie "falling inn Love" or whatever the one in Australia

  9. The amount of sloppy music changes and the generic plot makes me want to just… not.

  10. Why do modern trailers give away the whole story within minutes???

  11. The hero resembles Christopher Reeves

  12. Did I just watch the whole movie in that trailer?… Yes.
    Am I going to watch the actual movie?…yes.

  13. I need a love story like this

  14. +989122207751 WhatsApp of Iranian guy seeking love. Javad

  15. I love cliches omg and I just watched the whole movie kdjdkkdj

  16. who edited the sound for this trailer?

  17. Does anyone saw this man in "When the heart calls"?

  18. I’ve seen paper towel less generic

  19. How could I follow my heart if it's confused 😭

  20. Formulaic Hallmark movie drivel! I couldn't even finish watching, as I developed diabetes from the cloying sweetness. Yikes.

  21. A movie trailer. Literally.
    Bad editing 😔

  22. I'm always so intrigued by these trailers cause it just shows the whole movie and I really want to understand the reasoning behind that but anyway……is there a city boy/country girl movie??? seems like its always the girl that has to leave her dream life/job to live the small country life

  23. That guys face is so square

  24. Lazy authors and script-writers need to be flogged for such atrocities against the human intellect. Deliberate stultification.

  25. Gorgeous multi-million dollar mansion on massive lake-front property with massive garden, all in immaculate condition … in movie world, this is "just an inn".

  26. I think I just have seen the entire movie.

  27. Yay another two minute movie i really love these!! Keep em coming youtube!👏🏾

  28. This is some contrived bullshit – I feel like I'm watching a spoof of this already shitty genre

  29. Is it located in Friday Harbor Island in Washington?

  30. Are they running out of ideas for movies? Literally Sweet Home Alabama and any basic Lifetime plot 😒

  31. and we're supposed to pay to see this? Looks like it should be on the Hallmark Channel.

  32. They should really change than name of this movie to 120 second films!

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