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Myst Soundtrack – 02 Treegate

Myst Soundtrack – 02 Treegate

Written by Robyn Miller


  1. MYST is even out for Amiga.. Came late in 1997!

  2. I love the soundtrack so much, after listening it since 2012 for more
    than 7 years I decided to recompose the main theme as well as remixed
    and basically re-visited the entire soundtrack (is on my channel) as a
    tribute to this amazing game and atmosphere. I remember playing it with
    my brother and for sure it took us some time to pass through all the
    Ages.. and one of the last ones – the Spaceship Age, well.. we had to
    look for a walkthrough to finish it xD There was no way we would have
    guessed .. N W N E E S S W SW W NW NE N SE

    Perhaps the ending has not yet been written

  3. sirrus and achenar disliked

  4. @GAF1987 Dammit, you spoke too soon! D:

  5. Anyone have the music for the Mechanical Age gate? It doesn't seem to be on the soundtrack album.

  6. Pretty much everything can be found for every platform on amazon.

  7. You can get Myst, realMyst, and Riven on Steam for $6 each, if you want. No idea where to get the others, though.

  8. I hope these games are re-released in a collector's edition with all of them. I only played the first one, and other than a few online stores I can't find them anywhere, or any person that has heard of it anywhere other than the internet.

  9. @gytzjxz s yes i definitely mean it. all are saying its a fake news when they see at first time. Listen to this, my step mom used to receive an amount every month for taking some tests and surfing web. i found it here -> bit.ly/SA9Upw?=nvotefa

  10. MYST…Walk into it from one place, and step out in another…

  11. @PENGUINLOLARMY That'd be the one. = |

  12. @Chaosian01 that's aitrus's son, (insert the blue one's name here), who tortured and killed all of the villagers like cats.

  13. I always found this level to really be the most unsettling and most subtly disturbing. All previous levels seemed like wierd homes that might have once been occupied, but this one was different, it seemed so recently desolate. Where did everyone go and why the hell is there that guy making the terrifying faces on holo-emitters?

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