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THEME JOBBOSS 0 1 – Bravely Default II Demo Soundtrack

Four new Heroes of Light embark on a grand and glorious mission guided by the elemental crystals in BRAVELY DEFAULT II. A free demo is available now!

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  1. at the start kinda remind me of pokemon

  2. Hmmmm… so while I’ll totally concede to that awesome guitar, I honestly find this underwhelming. Everything else sounds like it could be DS audio quality, there’s so little deviation from the main idea, which that in-it-of-itself isn’t too interesting to me. I’m not sure. Just doesn’t seem to carry the torch if He of a Name, but rather is burnt to a crisp by it.

  3. There are two songs this game really needed to get right: the battle theme, and the Asterisk theme. I think both are good, just not quite as good as BD1

  4. Is it bad that I like this better than That Person’s Name Is…?

  5. It sounds too synthetic, I hope they get actual instruments for the final release.


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