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Stranger Things 4 Teaser Trailer 2020 | Netflix Series Concept

Teaser Trailer of the series Stranger Things 4. Netflix will start shooting in 2020.
Enjoy your viewing!

We’re not in Hawkins anymore.
But what if Hawkins isn’t the only city in danger?
And the Mind Flayer was not alone…
Is Hopper alive? Well, is he?
Where did russians get Demogorgon?

What is Stranger Things season 4’s release date?
This may be a tough pill to swallow, but going by the pattern from seasons 1,2 and 3, it could be late 2020, or early 2021 before we see a new bunch of episodes.

This video is a CONCEPT TRAILER created by us out of love for the series, and we will be very happy if you like it ❤️

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  1. This is FANMADE trailer
    Enjoy your viewing 🙃

  2. Es falsa por qué ay escenas de la temporada 3

  3. Quero logo a 5° temporada apesar de que a 4° não saiu mas não pode acabar na 4° mano NÃO PODE

  4. gente sale millie de godzila

  5. es falso y parte del trailer salen cosas de otras películas

  6. soy la unica que pienso que este trailer no es real? no tiene logica, tiene partes de otras peliculas y de la 3ra temporada

  7. Falso ahi se ve una escena de la pelicula( Scary stories to tell in the dark) en el 0:43 ahi esta el perro del policia de la pelicula que acabo de mencionar si no creen veanse la pelicula

  8. Yo creo que esto es falso por que lo hubieramos visto en la pagina oficial de netflix en instagram aparte hay esenas de temporadas anteriores y el traile original no fake esta en instagram

  9. Афигенно жалко не правда

  10. F unen otras películas y las temporadas de stranger things

  11. Boo this sucks I hate this stupid stuff

  12. Is ghostbuster afterlife trailer

  13. It cool
    And I hope
    That you make more

  14. yalnız bu sezon mükemmel olcakkkk

  15. That’s so fake first that girl and the guy that’s got stuff in his mouth I’m of the swamp monster and the rest is from previous seasons so all of this is not going to happen

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